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Skype Available on PS Vita 25th of April

It has been confirmed that Skype will launch on PSVita on the 25th of April. (PS Vita, Tech)

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sinncross  +   889d ago
miyamoto  +   887d ago
And everyone knows Skype is now owned by Microsoft!
A Microsoft product on a Sony PlayStation product. This is a clear and obvious signal that millions of M$ & Sony fanboys had been HAD.

I hope the fanboyism stops at this very moment and stop playing their stupid corporate Word Wars.
Console wars are artificially induced marketing tools meant to sell their products through brand loyalty.
Journalists & bloggers know this so must everyone on N4G.
l33t_player  +   889d ago
very excited about this!
lilbrat23  +   888d ago
I have already downloaded it, only thing is im trying to figure how to add a contact with the Vita..lol
Nitrowolf2  +   889d ago
Question though, from the vidoe Sony just released and the info (I skimmed through) does this support text chat or is it only Voice chat?
yoshiroaka  +   889d ago
Hoping for text chat too!

Also they say you can switch to the app to receive a call but can you keep the call running while you play the game or will you need to hang up?

Else party chat would be kinda moot now...
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yoshiroaka  +   888d ago
Bawww... there is no text chat support and you cant even press the home button with out the call ending... :( that sucks...
MmaFan-Qc  +   889d ago
support text AND video.
Plambey  +   889d ago
i'm not sure myself but i presume it'll support txt chat
Snookies12  +   889d ago
So wait, it's going to be free video chat?
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dark-hollow  +   889d ago
skype always had free video chat to other skype accounts.
Snookies12  +   889d ago
Well I never used Skype, so I had no idea to be honest. :\
Plambey  +   889d ago
i think so snookies12!
Snookies12  +   889d ago
This is going to be so sweet! Wow that is awesome!
Plambey  +   889d ago
cant wait for this, glad we're getting decent apps early in ps vitas life cycle, roll on more!
Sikct9a  +   889d ago
I hope you can make conference calls.
a_bro  +   889d ago
nice, now we need a youtube app and full HTML5 on the we browser, like being able to watch videos and stuff on it.
supremacy  +   889d ago
Well this should make a few people happy until mk9 arrives next week followed by burning skies later in the month of may followed by gravity rush in june. Good times.
Plambey  +   889d ago
youtube is the next essential app for me, with full intergrated sharing with livetweet
crinale  +   889d ago
The good thing about this is that Sony actually DID deliver what they have told us they would.
Now their other promises have become much more credible than before.
Ju  +   888d ago
Skype and Netflix the two essentials in the mobile business these days. Got mine last week and love it. All my PSP games work totally seamlessly, too. If you have a PS3 you can play all PSP games from the PSN (which makes me wonder why can't you download all of them from the Vita-PSN??). And with that, it's not just the next gen portable PlayStation, it's the ultimate PSP, too (Skype how it should have been implemented on the PSP - take call's while playing - which still works with old games).
Dark_Overlord  +   888d ago
Still won't ever use SKYPE ever, reason being this


Invasion of privacy much?
YxUxNO  +   888d ago
talking like a scene girl much?

joking aside that's pretty lame, i had no idea about that
Ju  +   888d ago
Like the governments of this plant wouldn't do that with any other communication media, right? I mean, are you sure what I type here doesn't go through any agency. It certainly does.
Dark_Overlord  +   887d ago
True, however MS is a private company a massive difference between them and a government.
Ju  +   887d ago
True. I will not get oppressed my MS, that's for sure. Maybe they'll send me a voucher to buy office some day.
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miyamoto  +   887d ago
What do you expect from Microsoft or Google, freedom?

No sir they want every tiny detail of information regarding you and everyone in the world.
For what? Knowledge Power.
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Cryptcuzz  +   888d ago
Can someone confirm if it would be able to take calls while playing a game? Or do we have to pause to answer the call, then have to hang up before being able to resume the game? Thanks in advance.
DigitalAnalog  +   888d ago
You'll have to pause....
Although you do get notifications for incoming calls while playing.
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Cryptcuzz  +   888d ago
Thanks for that Digital! Well it makes sense since you would not be able to both game and do video chat at the same time. Haven't thought of that until now tbh. Well, if anyone needs to both talk to someone and game at the same time, remember there is the party chat that lets you do that while playing a game.
DigitalAnalog  +   888d ago
Sony has already taken into consideration the requests that was featured on XBOX LIVE and is now using the VITA as their "vanguard" to determine how well it is received.

This may then influence the next PS console as they won't be behind in the online features provided by LIVE.
Ju  +   888d ago
Tried that out yesterday. Yes, works. But my skype crashed when I just went back into the game without hanging up. Not sure if that was a one time thing or what. And I can't tell if Skype drops the call when switching back to the game. I think it does since you have to pause Skype to get back into the game.
THC CELL  +   888d ago
Xbox and vita player in chat soon then eh lol shame no Xbox vs PS3 players but hey they will get owed by ps community lol
xchamp   888d ago | Trolling | show
Klad  +   888d ago
Does this mean Microsoft can spy an all Sonys PS Vita owners who use it??? Microsoft & Sony must be best friends really lol
joeorc  +   888d ago
Also of good note!! important optional function
you can go into the skype service an purchase a "SkypeIn" feature. Skype to skype is of course free. what The premium feature of "SkypeIn" allows you to have is a Telephone number that people can call you on. so say if you would like the ability for people to reach you like a mobile Phone or landline. this gives your Skype account an area code an telephone number just like any smartphone or landline.


info on "skypeIn"
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Ascalon94  +   888d ago
so now technically speaking if you have 3g and for sure wi-fi, the PS Vita is a phone.
joeorc  +   888d ago
"so now technically speaking if you have 3g and for sure wi-fi, the PS Vita is a phone."

yuppers, the call quality is the same as if it was any other smartphone. with video calls just like smartphones an tablets with front facing camera an rear camera its the same skype on smartphones!.

its no reaon to make the psvita a phone when you have skype an it has the ARM core chipsets that run in smartphones an tablets. if people want that type of device SONY has that covered by xperia line of smartphones. you just get the functionality without the contract tied down

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