Crytek aiming for Crysis 3 to be 'the best-looking game ever made'

Crytek aims to create “the best-looking game that’s ever been made” with Crysis 3, a goal the studio believes it’s “well on the way” to achieving.

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Snookies122035d ago

Hey... It's not all about looks... Trust me, I know because I'm just so sexy.

I suppose we'll see though, after all... Crysis 2 apparently didn't have hardly any video customization for PC. Which was a huge downer. Hopefully the third game will be better about that.

Shaman2035d ago

I hate the fact that people will start moaning and bitching about Crytek being showoffs and hyping their product, but honestly the guy in interview came as rather humble guy. Its nice to hear what they are aiming for this late in generation, and just the fact that they are using every AA there is for PC version and SMAA T2x AA method on consoles attests to the fact that they are really ambitious about the project.

Septic2035d ago


Clearly Crytek are striving to push the boundaries and that much is evident from their past work unlike a slew of other developers who churn out hollow statements that they are "'pushing the consoles to their limits" etc.

To be able to push the boundaries of development for PC whilst simulatenously doing the same for consoles is no mean feat. Developing for consoles might not be holding the PC version of Crysis 3 back afterall.

NYC_Gamer2035d ago (Edited 2035d ago )

I'm fine with Crytek aiming to push hardware features....but after Crysis 2 they need to worry about these areas too.....the game really bored me outta my mind...


DrPepper2035d ago

whats ambitious about making pretty graphics? i'm sorry to burst your bubble but gaming isn't about graphics never has been. if you don't have good gameplay outlined with a good story, then all it is, is a pretty piece of trash.

Shaman2035d ago

Maybe because the point of this news are graphics and not gameplay? Besides, Crytek always goes for free and non restricting gameplay. If Crysis games aren't games that push FPS gameplay than I don't know what is. Maybe MOH, COD or KZ...

Controversy2034d ago

I look forward to Crysis 3. Everybody else can be a downer if they want. Funny part is, they don't have to buy it if they don't want to, yet they really want to publicly complain.

Army_of_Darkness2034d ago (Edited 2034d ago )

Maybe they're ambitious because there's not a lot of games out there with great looking graphics still. I could probably name a few while all the rest are only average looking to crap....
And personally, graphics matter to me equally as much as gameplay.

Gaming1012034d ago

Hey Crytek, no pressure, but seeing as how no matter how good it looks there will always be nay-sayers who will troll and lynch you for even making such a claim you better be sure it was worth it

starchild2034d ago

Crytek deserve more respect. Yes, as a PC gamer, I was disappointed that they didn't build DirectX11 features right into the game from the start, but all was well in the end.

The fact remains that Crysis and Crysis 2 are still two of the best looking games to this day. Furthermore, I think the games are actually a ton of fun to play. Way better than the average linear shooter that plays out the same exact way almost every time you play a certain section. I like that Crysis gives you a higher degree of freedom about how you want to tackle obstacles.

MaxXAttaxX2034d ago (Edited 2034d ago )

If you're getting your entertainment not from engaging gameplay or even story, but from graphics and graphics mods then... gaming... you're doing it wrong!

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Crazyglues2034d ago (Edited 2034d ago )

Here we go again, why do game companies say stuff like this... -just show your game, don't tell me how good it looks, SHOW ME!

all this does is build the hype and then when that game-play trailer comes out everyone goes, "oh doesn't look that much different from 2"

Trust me Just show the Game, if it's that good you don't need to talk about it, you should just show it..

Example A: Bioshock Infinite - Now that game is looking Amazing...(they didn't talk at all about graphics, they just showed 20 minutes of In-Game)

Lesson to Game companies, Gamers are not dumb, if it Looks that good then why don't you just show it.. Let's see actually Game-play for 10 minutes.


snipes1012034d ago

Im more concerned if the game aims to be good. Fucko on the graphics if the game isnt fun.

ChickeyCantor2034d ago

"Hey... It's not all about looks... Trust me, I know because I'm just so sexy. "

That made me chuckle more than necessary.

Rageanitus2034d ago

agreed to a certain extent..... but it has always been a balance between having good looks and gameplay...

And quite honestly Crysis 2 was also fun.

There was enough customization in the menus to make crysis PC look the best in terms of graphics at its time

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Hellsvacancy2035d ago

Here we go again, lets spoonfeed how great our EA game is going to be, they did the same with Crysis 2, "its the BEST lookin console game to date" we know how that turned out

Better graphics mean nothin if the gamer falls over on his face in sheer bordem, i beat Crysis 2 in under 8 hours (on Hard) it felt a "little" like Terminator Salvation (the game)
there must of only been 3-4 different types of enemy, i constantly felt like i was doin the same thing thing over and over

xtreampro2035d ago

What do you mean "here we go again"? Judging by the screen-shots and the size of this game the graphics are definitely the best I've seen this whole gen.

Use your eyes please thank you.

AdmiralSnake2035d ago

On Consoles ? I highly doubt that, they said that about Crysis 2 and while it was def a good looking game, it wasn't "THE BEST".

Anyway, I believe they focus too much on visuals and not enough on Gameplay.

However I like Crysis 2 (I enjoyed the multiplayer A LOT.

Convas2035d ago (Edited 2035d ago )

Will we get something remotely playable from this graphic feast Crytek, or will I be relegated to playing a 14fps visual masterpiece?

I'm all for epic graphics, and the PC will no doubt be solid, but can we console folk please get some performance stability?

dark-hollow2035d ago

what you are talking about? i thought the frame rates were pretty solid on console version imo.

finbars752034d ago (Edited 2034d ago )

WTF? are you serious.The framerate was terrible,the screen tearing was terrible the game was so boring that I gave up trying to finish it.The game loooked ridiculious on the PC but thats all the credit I can give these guys.They just need to worry about gameplay and making the story enteresting and fun to play and stop going on about how great this game is going to look.Crysis 2 did nothing for myself or others who had faith in these guys.I will just stick to playing games that are a sure thing.Pretty games dont make games great the overall package does.We will see once Feb 2013 comes around how the finished product will actually turn out and hopefully they can get it right this time.It almost a year away.

Septic2034d ago

It seemed pretty playable on console to me with the occasional drop in fps when things got really mad. There is no comparison with the PC version of course but it was impressive to see it in action on consoles.

MrWonderful2035d ago (Edited 2035d ago )

Cryteks state of mind is as following- "I'm sexy and i know it"

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THC CELL2035d ago

They need to up ai, I want to see ai so good I can't tell he is live or not

a08andan2035d ago (Edited 2035d ago )

Don't expect to see that this gen. Takes way too much computational power to simulate an artificial intelligence. Next Gen-consoles will be very interesting though :)

WeedyOne2034d ago

Crysis 1 had way more inteligent AI than crysis 2. If they use the AI form crysis 1 I will be VERY happy.

Rageanitus2034d ago (Edited 2034d ago )

doubt it! the next gen consoles will be no better than the latest computer technologies.
It really depends on the developer as to how much further they want to push the AI..

Some games are designed on purposeto have bad AI to make it have nice generic fun!

I see more and more games shifting over to lack of AI why because more and more games will focus on multiplayer

WitWolfy2034d ago

Dead Space did that perfectly, one never really knew if those abominations from space were/are dead until the last moment. Gets me every time!