Blu-ray to Unlock True Value of PS3. Possible Price Cut by Year-End

With Warner Bros. (and associated companies like New Line and HBO) committing exclusively to Blu-ray the format war seems to be nearing the end with a likely victory for Blu-ray. Assuming that's the case, we were wondering how much this would boost PS3 sales (if at all). Did Sony's gamble on a proprietary format finally pay off?

"I don't think Blu-ray alone is enough to get people to commit to a game platform," cautioned Cole. "However, if consumers are trying to decide between a game platform and they feel both are fairly equal in terms of games, then I think Blu-ray could be the swinging factor for the PS3. Nevertheless, the key factor is games. I don't think Blu-ray would ever be a swinging factor as big as say a game like Halo 3. The biggest boost for PS3 sales will most likely be 1) lower price; 2) more exclusive game software and only after that Blu-ray."

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Darkiewonder3967d ago

Most of sony's resources to support the ps3 solely on blu-ray features will shift back to gaming. They really have been trying to fight 2 wars which if you haven't see, was tough. especially the stuff we don't know about. [the behind-the-scenes stuff].

Price cut is good.

TANOD3967d ago

However i believe SONY would totally kill off competition worldwide with MGS4 + another price cut

By mid JUNE 2008 we can expect PS3 to win the console war too

If KZ2 is launched before APRIL then the war would end even faster

Maddens Raiders3967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

and the worst thing was that Kutaragi-san had to leave. I mean the bOts lost Moore but then he went to EA and fvcked PS3 royally so that was like a bonus.

The PS3 has had to literally brawl against the 360, the Wii, late launch, the press, Western prejudice, high price, the blogs, burning batteries, NO GAMES, early ugly shytty blurry 360 ports, delays, stupid articles about dust, lost exclusives, super fvcked up game reviews, railed against in public by Gabe Newell and freakin' Nolan Bushnell said flat out, "Fvck the PS3!" - it doesn't get any more sordid than that people. I mean you name it, the list is almost laughable of all the things this one console had to battle through when it's been the champ all along. People forgot and asked where it went. What happened to this supposed "king of consoles?" Little did everyone know that it was there the whole time. Restrained, simmering, bubbling, ready to burst through the roof and ignite the atmoshphere.


It's been here all along under......cover.

gamesR4fun3967d ago

Ya its been a uphill fight for the ps3 like Madden Raiders pointed out they've had nothing but challenges. Still no doubt they will be a major player going forward in 08. With improving numbers across the board for all consoles we are all ready to embrace the new generation in entertainment. Honestly has a gamer first hd/dvd only would've been a real contender if it had been in the 360 or the wii and in the latter case we all know for certain who would've won. Kinda cool we helped make or break the format war with our choice in console. Imo never a better time to be a gamer.

mikeslemonade3967d ago

What patcher said about 1080p TV is not correct. The games that support 1080p on PS3 most are upscaled, so you're content with 720p TV for the time being. 720p TVs online are as cheap as SDTVs in a big box store. You can get a 720p TV now and then buy a 1080p TV for cheap a couple years from now.

jonnyboy3967d ago

there are a lot of 1080p TV's comming out now, and some are not that expensive. Believe me, I just got mine last November (Cheap too!).

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RudeSole Devil3967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

PS3 and the PSP have set the bar, Microsoft doesn't have a leg to stand on in 2008. All the talk about Microsoft going digital distribution is retarded, anybody with 2 brain cells can see this will never work. Before Xbox fanboys stat bashing, yesterday I wasted 45min trying to download a 23mb Rock Band song, on top of the 2 weeks of shi_tty live service. Heres Microsoft official answer to that

Sony has the best plan for digital distribution, this is more convenient to the consumer.

Meus Renaissance3967d ago

Looks like we got a Sherlock on our hands over here guys

/ end sarcasm

LightningPS33967d ago

I don't think blu ray is that big of a factor.

I think it's software and price that will be the biggest factors.

They made a huge mistake when they priced the PS3 $200 above the competition. It was complete lack of vision.

That's why I get so impatient with Sony. PS3 doesn't have much time, they have some very exciting software this year. They better be agressive and continue hacking away at that price debacle.

It's not just about what they do, it's about telling people that they're the better option over their competition.

If Sony is stupid, I can see XBOX 360 continuing to make price thier advantage, while Sony waits for Blu ray to be a real factor, which it won't. Because gamers buy consoles for games, not high def movies.

TANOD3967d ago

Keep dreaming .

It is over for HD DVD and X360

expect some serious PS3 pounding in 2008

crck3967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

It was the complete opposite. The ps3 cost Sony $840 to make when it was first released. They had to sell it at $600. They took a ton of crap from just about everyone for the price but they knew they had to get blu-ray in there. 1 year later take a look. Manufacture costs have dropped over 50% (latest estimates from analysts put the cost of a ps3 at around $400). The ps3 won the HD format war for Sony creating 2 streams of incomes, software and blu-ray license fees. Did blu-ray help the ps3? Hell no, its the other way around. Lets face it blu-ray would be dead without the ps3. Sony knew it and they had the foresight to make sure it didn't happen.

Snukadaman3967d ago

were you not saying ultimate tournament 3 would also be selling consoles and give this "pounding" you speak have been the most vocal of these sony droids too always say every exclusive game has been the savior of your ps3...yet we sit here each week and notice that for some reason no one is buying ps3 games in america...and this "pounding" you speak of is pushed back further now too about delusional..whats next..when mgs4 doesnt sell that million or the next few weeks we dont see a increase in ps3 sales..,what will you do...move onto the next game...ff13? delusional indeed.

Lord Cheese3967d ago

tanod is one of the most utterly insane dribbling fanboy morons i've ever come across - his comments on n4g are about as reliable as george dubyah's comments about iraqi wmds.

what in gods name, in reality, has hd-dvd got to do with the success of the x360, other than it happens to be supported by the same company? NOT ONE BIT. The xbox is marketed far more at gamers - hell, in the uk there hasnt even been a single commercial for the hd-dvd addon - shows how important it is, right? Its such a pointless argument its almost not worth making. Blu-ray has been helped by the ps3, NOT the other way round.

Lets be honest, if the ps3 only had a dvd drive in there, its sales may have been slightly slower (and, a few of its games may be very different) but the strength of the playstation brand and the quality of the product would have carried it forward. HOWEVER, blu-ray would have struggled like crazy. BD1.0 had no online requirement - so players would be obsolete in no time, compared to the HD-DVD spec which made a network connection mandatory. The feature set of the HD-DVD format was far more comprehensive initially (picture-in-picture/online features etc). The hd format war would be decided far more on the feature set, the price and the movies - hence, it might not just have been far closer, it may have finished completely differently.

Of course, these are just "ifs" and "buts" but unfortunately some people (TANOD being a prime example) just dont accept the reality of the situation.

HarryEtTubMan3967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

Your "witty" comment really wasn't needed. The reality of the situation is a 400$ PS3 with not one big game released yet...costing 150$ more than the competition, and that Has Blu Ray which will be the next DVD.. has outsold the Xbox 360 since October. And ur ideas are HUGELY wrong. Stop correcting everyone.(Or thinking you are)

REALISM: PS3 WILL GAIN GROUND ON THE 360 IS 2008 but probally not pass it. It does have a very good chance of passing it by the end of 2009. Its really just gaining traction.

When ALOT of people start buying the PS3 is when it doesnt just have MGS4(even though it is going to sale systems...I have quite a few friends that are really excited about MGS4 but also all the other Multiplatforms and Exclusives coming to PS3) its going to pick up next year becuase price will drop(just a little, and being its second year there will be a ton of games and more really big games) The PS3 wont start pulling in the TRUELY Playstation sales figures until 2009 sometime. Possibly even 2010. I mean it has a good chance of outselling the Wii buy then. Not at 400$ with not with one HUGE game(even though there are alot of great games already...just not the big big names) 2008 is just going to set up wayyyyyyy more momentum with MGS4, Killzone 2, Little Big Planet, GTA 4, Fallout 3, Socom: Confrontation and we really dont know what other big Exclusives will make it.

Sony is planning very big things for 2009: 2 Rockstar Exclusives, Final Fantasy 13 and Versus, God of War 3, probally Gran Turismo and Resistance 2....there will be wayyy more games than just those.... but those are HUGEEEEEEEEEE games. 2008 is gonna see the PS3 outselling the 360... 2009 and 2010 is gonna see a cheaper PS3 with Blu Ray becoming very mainstream and with a ton of games... selling on par with or outselling the Wii. Its gonna happen. Peopl are waiting to see more from PS3 because its still so brand new but it is STILL selling well. No other consoles EVER has cam from behind and outsold its opponents except PLAYSTATIONS. Its gonna happen again and even 2009 and 2010 will only be the 3rd and 4th year. Many more years after that....

Lord Cheese3967d ago

I think you're misunderstanding my point. I am not disputing that the ps3 could in all probability catchup and overtake x360 market share in 2008. It has a very strong brand behind it, massive list of features, a number of potentially good high profile releases, and if hd-dvd goes the way of the dodo, plays the only marketable format of hd disk based movies. You're suggesting i have in some way questioned its potential to sell units above and beyond that of its competition. I havent at all (in fact i'd say its inevitable that the ps3 will end up with a far larger installed user base than the 360 - there are too many factors working in its favour)

No product sells if it hasnt got things going for it, and the ps3 clearly has - a fact i never disuputed and in all honesty would be mad to, since i paid out a premium to import one on launch day.

My point was solely around the fact that people make out the percieved failure of hd-dvd is going to somehow hurt sales of the 360, and that somehow blu-ray would have been just as succesful without being included in the ps3. Which is a completely false impression. I am trying to say there that had sony not included blu-ray in the ps3, the format war may have finished very differently. In fact, much of my argument was in support of the fact that the ps3 has an array of features in its favor even if it didnt have bd-rom playback.

And, to be honest, i dont think i was correcting anyone. Rampant playstation fanboyism happens to personify tanod's opinion, and he is very much entitled to that view (despite me being VERY against the constant attempts to force it on everyone who visits this site).

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Skerj3967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

BluRay video playback was a bonus for me, I do have a 1080p tv but it wasn't that important to have a bleeding edge video player. The fact that I bought a PS3 and have one included in the package is pretty sweet, Divx/Xvid functionality keeps the thing on 24/7. I think once the games start rolling more (oh how they will this year) and the masses realize that fact, the sales will rocket. I'm glad they stuck it in the system though, we're going to see some awesome things this year and in the coming years. Just like the upgrade from cartridges, to cds, to dvds.

And can we please stop using Halo 3 now? Especially in that context it's comparing apples to oranges; a feature to ONE game. I had my 360 before the launch and that game wouldn't have convinced me to get the system.

Ureval3967d ago

Maybe not but it convinced a hell of a lot of other people. The industry isnt based on your personal likes and dislikes. Sorry.

Skerj3967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

Thanks Captain Obvious, care to explain the logic in comparing a feature to a game?

Ureval3967d ago

Because Halo unavoidably is why the system sold. It may not be a feature but that doesnt mean its not valid to state its relevance in how well the Xbox has done. OG Xbox stayed afloat because of Halo. 360 hit hard because of Halo. So, guess what? Whether or not 360 needs Halo to continue strong Halo has put the box in a strong place. The fact that its even holding its own against Sony when last gen it was so far behind shows what one good game can do.

So we need more good games. Take heed Microsoft and Sony.

Lord Cheese3967d ago

Halo is an easy target for the fanboys, so unfortunately people wont stop going on about it. Any game hyped as much as halo was, and the key IP for percieved closest competition is always going to be a target for those people who really couldnt spot a coherent argument if one slept with their sister.

It also divides opinion more than a lot of games. People who like it absolutely love it ( i personally havent had as much fun in an online game, well, ever ) and people who hate it act like its the most vile abomination ever to grace the earth. Its like WoW in that respect - it doesnt revolutionise anything - but it takes a lot of things that work, and tries to refine them to a point where they are just plain fun.

Fact is, the people still going on about it are the people who arent proper gamers at all. If they were, they'd appreciate it for what it is, accept that some like it and some dont, and move on.

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