Ninja Gaiden 3 Ultimate Ninja Difficulty Now Available

Tecmo Koei Europe and Team NINJA have today delivered just what the fans where asking for: an all-new extreme difficulty setting for Ninja Gaiden 3. Available to download now, this latest addition to the popular videogame is simply known as ‘Ultimate Ninja’ difficulty.

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Grap2224d ago

This Game comes with so much dlc this is BullSh!t. it's not even a half game !!

Lucretia2224d ago

exactly, having a difficulty as dlc is pathetic.

DOA5 as much as i cant wait for it will probably have tons of dlc costumes. so sad

dark-hollow2224d ago

this game now is a total joke!!!

adding weapons and a new difficulty wont fix an ultimately broken experience.

the enemies are still boring and non interesting to fight.
the game mechanics are still streamlined.
too much dependence on story and cut scenes which is below mediocre and useless QTEs.

Andreas-Sword2223d ago

Ninja Gaiden 3 is the best Ninja game ever!

MissAubrey2224d ago (Edited 2224d ago )

dlc is a cancer that we need to rid from the world of gaming! developers are ripping us of by giving us incomplete games and releasing buggy ass games THANKS to DLC/online! lazy asses! ONE good thing I gotta say about the wii and 3DS at least you get complete games no DLC bullsh*t there.

Lucretia2224d ago

except that the console 93ds) itself isnt complete and has a dual analog add on, and the wii only lasts 5 years. but your mostly right :P

mathsman2224d ago

This DLC wasn't planned from the start - it's a reaction to the reception from the fans. And it's free for early adaopters (the core fans).

You're reading this all wrong - this is one of the very few examples in which DLC is a BENEFIT to gaming.

Lucretia2224d ago

wtf are you talking about. FREE? when? if it comes out and has a price at the dlc's launch how is it free to early adopters? im confused

Legend2224d ago

Most of the core fans sat this one out. Just saying.

mathsman2224d ago

The core fans bought the game regardless of what anyone else said, that's what makes them 'core'. If they sat it out they weren't part of that demographic, no matter what they think.

Legend2224d ago

Then we disagree on the term 'core.' While that can be a simple issue of semantics, you are also conflating 'core' with 'early adopter' Your original post would assume that only your 'core' players bought the game early since you mention them in the same breath, while in reality there are multiple reasons why someone wouldn't have picked up the game yet even though they plan on it (lack of funds, other involvements, backlog, etc). Only offering the difficulty, or any DLC, for free for a short amount of time is not ultimately free since these players will be required to pay for the full experience based upon the article.

chazjamie2224d ago (Edited 2224d ago )

sorry buddy, the core did not buy this tripe. I have played every Ninja Gaiden game including the DS version. Yet i did not buy this game. I wonder if you consider me part of the "CORE".

There is fine line between stupidity and loyalty.

TheRealHeisenberg2224d ago (Edited 2224d ago )

@ Legend and chazjamie

I'm with you two on this one. I have been loyal to NG since the NES days. Regardless of what some may say/think, I consider myself a core NG fan but I will not be buying this one until I can find it for $5 or less. There is no way that I can justify paying full price for a watered down version of my favorite game series. In my mind, DLC should not be things that were and are still considered standard content in games. Like many others have said, we as gamers need to take a serious stance on things like this.

Baka-akaB2224d ago


If the core fan bought it , it would have been doing the same sales scores as usual at launch a two games in row , not those abysmal numbers

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Baka-akaB2224d ago

That's too easy to come and say , here is the new difficulty now the game is good .

Difficulty was a huge part of what was wrong with the game but hardly the only single thing . And i doubt it would be enough anyway when the game clearly wasnt designed with that level in mind .

In short : too late

Legend2224d ago

Agree. If anything the game is going to sag even more under the weight of the new difficulty. The enemies clearly weren't programmed with the same level of viciousness as their counterparts from the first few entries in the series and a buff to their damage and health levels isn't going to correct anything.

Captain Qwark 92224d ago

why is it...

multiple weapons, multiple challenging difficulties

multiple weapons, multiple challenging difficulties
DLC added a lot of extra content

1 weapon, multiple difficulties, lacking challenge
DLC trying to finish the game

this is just bad if not the worst dlc offense yet imo

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