Is the PS3 the Dark Side?

Gameplayer examine the underlying meaning of the Soul Calibur IV Yoda/Darth Vader announcement. They ask whether Namco, either deliberately or inadvertently, are declaring that the PS3 is the evil and the Xbox 360 the good in the console war.

"It's weird to see Star Wars characters taking sides in the console wars."

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unsunghero283993d ago (Edited 3993d ago )

Actually, I think if the choices based on ANYTHING about the consoles it's their appearances.

Darth Vader is black and sleek like the PS3, and Yoda is green like the 360.


Fighter3993d ago

I agree that Darth Vader's black represents the color of the PS3 and Yoda's green represents the 360.

ThaGeNeCySt3993d ago

So i guess those fortunate enough to pick up a white PS3 will be rewarded with Luke Skywalker?

games4fun3993d ago

vader is way better than yoda, yoda hides on an unpopulated planet while vader destroys the galaxy, come to the dark side

@genecyst that was pretty funny

i cant wait to destroy you guys in SC4 when it comes out i've played soul calibur since the original that was released on the dreamcast i will be using mitsurugi (mostly) or pretty much any other character because i will have mastered them all!!!!!

AzaziL3993d ago

This sucks big time, who cares what star wars character represents which console, the fact that they won't be in the same game is screwed up.

Yaster3993d ago

@ Che
I think Darth Maul would have been a better choice for 360 as more people associate the colour red with that particular console ;)

LinuxGuru3992d ago

@ The Genecyst:

A white PS3 represents a stormtrooper which represents the Galactic Empire, which Darth Vader is a strong supporter of.


BrianC62343992d ago

Somebody had too much free time on their hands to come up with this one. The PS3 the dark side? No way. Maybe it's because the PS3 is black. That makes more sense than the PS3 being the dark side anyway.

BrianC62343992d ago

Games4fun - "i've played soul calibur since the original that was released on the dreamcast!!!!!

Wasn't the real first game called Soul Blade on the Playstation? I believe that's the game that started it all. I guess they changed the name for the Dreamcast version. Soul Blade was a great game.

BrianC62343992d ago

"This sucks big time, who cares what star wars character represents which console, the fact that they won't be in the same game is screwed up."

I agree with that. If the PS3 and 360 could play against each other online then it would be okay but they can't. We'll never get to have them battle each other in the game. Maybe Namco could do a Star Wars version for Lucas Arts. All Star Wars characters. That would be the best way to do it.

millertime83063992d ago

The first Soul Calibur was on Dreamcast. However, Soul Calibur was a sequel of sorts to Soul Blade on the PS1, which was the first game of the series. Also, Soul Blade was known as Soul Edge in the arcades before coming to PS1.

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the worst3993d ago

soon everybody will join the dark side

jwatt3993d ago (Edited 3993d ago )

The ps3 is the darkside, if you go to the official Sony forums we have been calling it the darkside way before this Darth Vader thing.

Everytime a user makes a post about saying they just bought a ps3 we tell them welcome to the darkside and give them a cookie.

Phantom_Lee3993d ago

.....I would like a cookie.....

HeartlesskizZ3993d ago

I been always on the Dark side =D

TheHater3993d ago

and we have Cheese Cakes. Oh and other cakes also...

on topic:
I don't care. I just want to play as IVY, and probable will never even play as any of the other characters.

JBaby3433993d ago

I've been on the dark side since release. If all the others only knew the power of the dark side.

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DrPirate3993d ago

Thank God detective dipsh*t was on the case on this one eh?

Genki3992d ago

I think they are reading too far into this. I know for some it's just some lighthearted, fun discussion, but for some others...may heaven(or whatever you believe) help them...but then they've needed help long before this was announced.

Prismo_Fillusion3993d ago

Everyone knows that Vader ended his life on the light side! He had a jedi funeral!

(I'm not even a Star Wars geek and I know that!)

SlappingOysters3993d ago

...wouldn't that suggest for your PS3 to come to the light side, you would need to kill it first hehe.

I have never heard of PS3 dieing, but what happens to the light? Does it flash green or something?

LinuxGuru3992d ago

Wow....I just combed the internet and I can't even find a picture of what a PS3 looks like when it has a hardware failure...


That's what a 0.2% failure rate does for ya!

PStriple7033993d ago

come too the darkside we have cookies

Rocko3993d ago

but master yoda owns all.

mesh13992d ago

KEEP DREAMING WE XBOX GAMERS WILL NEVER PLAY WITH SWINES LIKE U THE PSN WILL BE ghost town for ever her eis no game on the ps3 that will make any of my 360 freinds buy a ps3 they dont even have a clue abouit n4g its seems im the only 1 so know they hate the ps3

LinuxGuru3992d ago

Wow mesh.

That statement right there just proved you're about 12 years old.

Nice going, buddy.

Oh, and I'm sure all your little "friends" (from Xbox Live) are thinking about getting a PS3 right about now, what with all the Live troubles people have been having.

Oh, and what about the 32-player Warhawk battles on dedicated servers that we PS3 owners get to enjoy?

Oh, and I forgot to mention something...

It's free.

jorellpogi3992d ago

Give mesh1 some Tetanus Shots. LOL

athlon7703992d ago

I'm doing my part, I just showed two of my friends who were about to purchase a 360 all the trouble live has been having, and the issues with DRM when (if) their 360 ever bites it and one said "screw that, you just put me to the PS3", the other is now debaiting wether to wait till the Dualshock3 controllers are included with the PS3's, or just to buy the 80gig, sell his PS2 for a loss on ebay, and either purchase a DS3 controller from Japan, or wait till they are released in the USA.

And you call yourself a friend and don't talk them out of the 360? Wow.!


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