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Is the PS3 the Dark Side?

Gameplayer examine the underlying meaning of the Soul Calibur IV Yoda/Darth Vader announcement. They ask whether Namco, either deliberately or inadvertently, are declaring that the PS3 is the evil and the Xbox 360 the good in the console war.

"It's weird to see Star Wars characters taking sides in the console wars." (PS3, Xbox 360)

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GodofPeace  +   2761d ago
unsunghero28  +   2760d ago
Actually, I think if the choices based on ANYTHING about the consoles it's their appearances.

Darth Vader is black and sleek like the PS3, and Yoda is green like the 360.

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Fighter  +   2760d ago
I agree that Darth Vader's black represents the color of the PS3 and Yoda's green represents the 360.
ThaGeNeCySt  +   2760d ago
So i guess those fortunate enough to pick up a white PS3 will be rewarded with Luke Skywalker?
Counter_ACT  +   2760d ago
1.1, I agree. :3
games4fun  +   2760d ago
either way
vader is way better than yoda, yoda hides on an unpopulated planet while vader destroys the galaxy, come to the dark side

@genecyst that was pretty funny

i cant wait to destroy you guys in SC4 when it comes out i've played soul calibur since the original that was released on the dreamcast i will be using mitsurugi (mostly) or pretty much any other character because i will have mastered them all!!!!!
AzaziL  +   2760d ago
This sucks big time, who cares what star wars character represents which console, the fact that they won't be in the same game is screwed up.
Yaster  +   2760d ago
@ Che
I think Darth Maul would have been a better choice for 360 as more people associate the colour red with that particular console ;)
LinuxGuru  +   2760d ago
@ The Genecyst:

A white PS3 represents a stormtrooper which represents the Galactic Empire, which Darth Vader is a strong supporter of.

BrianC6234  +   2760d ago
Somebody had too much free time on their hands to come up with this one. The PS3 the dark side? No way. Maybe it's because the PS3 is black. That makes more sense than the PS3 being the dark side anyway.
BrianC6234  +   2760d ago
Games4fun - "i've played soul calibur since the original that was released on the dreamcast!!!!!

Wasn't the real first game called Soul Blade on the Playstation? I believe that's the game that started it all. I guess they changed the name for the Dreamcast version. Soul Blade was a great game.
BrianC6234  +   2760d ago
"This sucks big time, who cares what star wars character represents which console, the fact that they won't be in the same game is screwed up."

I agree with that. If the PS3 and 360 could play against each other online then it would be okay but they can't. We'll never get to have them battle each other in the game. Maybe Namco could do a Star Wars version for Lucas Arts. All Star Wars characters. That would be the best way to do it.
millertime8306  +   2760d ago
The first Soul Calibur was on Dreamcast. However, Soul Calibur was a sequel of sorts to Soul Blade on the PS1, which was the first game of the series. Also, Soul Blade was known as Soul Edge in the arcades before coming to PS1.
the worst  +   2760d ago
soon everybody will join the dark side
jwatt  +   2760d ago
Yea actually
The ps3 is the darkside, if you go to the official Sony forums we have been calling it the darkside way before this Darth Vader thing.

Everytime a user makes a post about saying they just bought a ps3 we tell them welcome to the darkside and give them a cookie.
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Phantom_Lee  +   2760d ago
.....I would like a cookie.....
HeartlesskizZ  +   2760d ago
I been always on the Dark side =D
TheHater  +   2760d ago
and we have Cheese Cakes. Oh and other cakes also...

on topic:
I don't care. I just want to play as IVY, and probable will never even play as any of the other characters.
JBaby343  +   2760d ago
The Dark Side
I've been on the dark side since release. If all the others only knew the power of the dark side.
DrPirate  +   2760d ago
Thank God detective dipsh*t was on the case on this one eh?
Genki  +   2760d ago
LOL, Indeed.
I think they are reading too far into this. I know for some it's just some lighthearted, fun discussion, but for some others...may heaven(or whatever you believe) help them...but then they've needed help long before this was announced.
Prismo_Fillusion  +   2760d ago
Everyone knows that Vader ended his life on the light side! He had a jedi funeral!

(I'm not even a Star Wars geek and I know that!)
SlappingOysters  +   2760d ago
true but...
...wouldn't that suggest for your PS3 to come to the light side, you would need to kill it first hehe.

I have never heard of PS3 dieing, but what happens to the light? Does it flash green or something?
LinuxGuru  +   2760d ago
Wow....I just combed the internet and I can't even find a picture of what a PS3 looks like when it has a hardware failure...


That's what a 0.2% failure rate does for ya!
PStriple703  +   2760d ago
360 owners....
come too the darkside we have cookies

Related image(s)
games4fun  +   2760d ago
that was funny
INehalemEXI  +   2760d ago
LOL bubs 4 you
Rocko  +   2760d ago
Your cookies are tempting evil one...
but master yoda owns all.
mesh1  +   2760d ago
KEEP DREAMING WE XBOX GAMERS WILL NEVER PLAY WITH SWINES LIKE U THE PSN WILL BE ghost town for ever her eis no game on the ps3 that will make any of my 360 freinds buy a ps3 they dont even have a clue abouit n4g its seems im the only 1 so know they hate the ps3
LinuxGuru  +   2760d ago
Wow mesh.

That statement right there just proved you're about 12 years old.

Nice going, buddy.

Oh, and I'm sure all your little "friends" (from Xbox Live) are thinking about getting a PS3 right about now, what with all the Live troubles people have been having.

Oh, and what about the 32-player Warhawk battles on dedicated servers that we PS3 owners get to enjoy?

Oh, and I forgot to mention something...

It's free.
jorellpogi  +   2760d ago
Give mesh1 some Tetanus Shots. LOL
athlon770  +   2760d ago
Wow Mesh
I'm doing my part, I just showed two of my friends who were about to purchase a 360 all the trouble live has been having, and the issues with DRM when (if) their 360 ever bites it and one said "screw that, you just put me to the PS3", the other is now debaiting wether to wait till the Dualshock3 controllers are included with the PS3's, or just to buy the 80gig, sell his PS2 for a loss on ebay, and either purchase a DS3 controller from Japan, or wait till they are released in the USA.

And you call yourself a friend and don't talk them out of the 360? Wow. Just...wow!

Apocalypse Shadow  +   2760d ago
this is just cool.who cares about light and dark.now all we need
is VF5 updated with shenmue skins to have shenmue characters like ryo replacing akira and lan di replacing lau chan,etc.

VF5-shenmue edition....................

mag lev.......................
Mikey_Gee  +   2760d ago
Well where the hell does that put me.
I have both the 360 and PS3 .... I am so confused now ...

SlappingOysters  +   2760d ago
you're just a midochlorine (or however you spell it)
Xemnas  +   2760d ago
Sunset? Light but dark??
TheHater  +   2760d ago
I have both a PS3 and Xbox360 also. But I am getting the PS3 version because of my Friend. He only got a ps3, and he usually kick my ass in all fighting games. hopefully I get good in this one, I was good in SC 2, and kick his ass.
name  +   2760d ago
Or maybe..just maybe.. the colors match. But hey, the whole PS3 is evil thing works too.
roybatty  +   2760d ago

I don't know if Sony is the dark side or not, but they are definitely the...
Well you get the picture.
Mikey_Gee  +   2760d ago
don't you have a bridge to Troll under ??

PS, since you probably have never touched a 360, I will let you in a few items

As fun and free as PSN is, XBL is better than PSN and worth the WOPPING $4 a month

My 80GB PS3 is NOT THAT MUCH QUIETER than my 360 (the 40GB I had was very very quiet I will admit)

With the new Falcon boards in the 360's, they are MUCH MUCH more reliable.

In the end ... just get over your one sided self and realize that from what I have been reading recently, even many of the N4G regulars are getting really sick of all the troll fanboy bullsh!t.
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Double-Edged  +   2760d ago
thats so lame.
xboxme  +   2760d ago
who cares. do u even realize ps3 is in last place. clearly the gamers have chosen wii and xbox instead of ps3. get over it.
dantesparda  +   2760d ago
actually Xboxme, the gamers are choosing the PS3 over the 360 on a worldwide basis. So recognize!
BrianC6234  +   2760d ago
"who cares. do u even realize ps3 is in last place. clearly the gamers have chosen wii and xbox instead of ps3. get over it."

You're really dumb. The PS3 is just over a year old. And it's selling great. This year will be its big year. The 360 had its second year in 2007 and had a lot of big games come out. The first year was a lot of crap. At least the PS3 had some big games in its first year.

I say by the end of 2008 it will be a close race and in 2009 the PS3 will take back the top spot in the console war. Gamers will finally see the Wii is a gimmick with no power and the 360 is a seriously flawed console. The PS3 was designed by real engineers to last more than five years.
MadMax  +   2760d ago
360 losing good customers!
I agree with you on those great points, but you gotta admit the 360 does have some great games and thats it. I refuse to give MS anymore of my money, thats why when it comes to online I will choose PS3 version vs the 360 version of the game for the simple fact that it is free. MS needs to stop being so greedy and make the online service free already, its pretty weak man. I am a silver member on xbox live and they are getting so frikin tight that unless you pay for the online service they will make you wait an extra week or so just to download a game demo, while gold members get to download the game first because they pay. Is that not the most tight @ss bunch of bullsh@t you have ever heard. Talk about greed man. I have been a loyal 360 owner from day frikin one and that is the way they treat their customers, go figure. How much money i have spent on 360 games, what a slap in the face. That is why i have been going over to the darkside these days. I like your exclusives MS and have spent countless hours playing your games, but i just cant keep bending over to you guys anymore.
vickers500  +   2760d ago

Xbox live is 8 dollars a month, not 4, if you buy a month card, every month, its 8 bucks a month.

alster23  +   2760d ago
wut was the point of this article?
dantesparda  +   2760d ago
The point of the article was to show you how retarded they are over at that website. They are making way to much of this, even if they are kidding. If they were kidding they shoukd have made it more obvious
name  +   2760d ago
My 80 gb ps3 doesn't even make any noise at all. It's quieter than my Ps2 =/
TwissT  +   2760d ago
It's "more quiet" not "quieter" little grammar lesson for you =D.
chrno6  +   2760d ago
It's obvious that it has to do with the apperances of the console,with ps3 being color black and 360 having a green logo, nothing more.
Skynetone  +   2760d ago
all xbots will be joining the dark-side in 08
the dark side allways had the better technology

the ps3 is a planet destroyer {ie a 360 destroyer}

by the time the xbots learn about the death star there ships will have stoped working
Double-Edged  +   2760d ago
I have played you bluray/cell/axis system.

infact... i played lair.

a demonstration of what PS3 is all about.

your right on the money... keep it up...
DJ  +   2760d ago
Dude, Lair is a load of crap
I don't know what you're talking about. Warhawk is a MUCH better example.
mesh1  +   2760d ago
HAHA KEEP DREAMING no 360 owners will buy the ps3 as their exclusive are a jokenot 1 single person on xbox live talks about the ps3 it wil never happen u;ll be saying the same thing in 2009 wqtch and see ps3 troll no 1 is coming over ur avid trolling of this site is not changing any minds towards the ps3 unlesss its the ps3 trolls that post (ok im returning my 360 and getting aps3 while they never had a 360 and are just making up lies even tho they know they have had a ps3 since release u guys are psychopathic
ravinash  +   2760d ago
Mesh1...who the hell would go on Live and talk about PS3s???
Most people go on there to play games and enjoy thme selves...if they want to start flame wars, they come here.
Downtown boogey  +   2760d ago
You're rigt, it's the color thing....
But Darth Vader is is cooler than Yoda.
Expy  +   2760d ago
Yoda dies, Vader pretty much saves Luke and the world before dying as well :P
WilliamRLBaker  +   2760d ago
he saves the world?
I didn't know starwars had just one world....as for that one act of kindness means nothing, lets see he kills 1000's including small children, helped the killing and subjication of 100's of billions of peoples....yeah...so he wusses out and says i dont wanna be evil no more! dont mean it makes up for nothing.

but whats worse is he was a whiney lil B**** in 1-3.....
Expy  +   2760d ago
Maybe so, but better have done that one good act at the end than to just let everything go to hell no? :P The ends are what matter anyway anything that happened before doesn't matter.
The_Engineer  +   2760d ago
you two
please stfu

this is the type of crap that makes girls laugh at you.
Double-Edged  +   2760d ago
Sould Caliber lost it's soul after dream cast died.

looking forward to SF4 and KI3
bootsielon  +   2760d ago
Just because PS3 is black
But honestly, Sony is closer to the light than Microsoft. When they die, every Microsoft employee will go to hell for wanting to dominate the world by screwing consumers and making them pay with blood and sweat for everything (or at least, for wishing they could)
Bonsai1214  +   2760d ago
is there any mention of the two being able to fight each other
SlappingOysters  +   2760d ago
no chance, they are exclusive to each console.

That said, i'll bet a bubble that they will become DLC for each other's format down the track
name  +   2760d ago
Perhaps we shouldn't use the color black to symbolize everything evil then? =D

Microsoft has always been looked at as evil anyway.
Shaka2K6  +   2760d ago
Vader >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>&...
PS3 wins again.
bee2427  +   2760d ago
everyone knows that the darkside is more powerful and its so tempting to join :P
JBaby343  +   2760d ago
*With Best James Earl Jones Voice*
If they only knew the power of the dark side... err... ummm... Cell Processor!!!
krisq  +   2760d ago
...will probably get Chad Vader :D
The_Engineer  +   2760d ago
is the author of this article
a retarded geek??

I say yes
riksweeney  +   2760d ago
Erm, I think everyone's forgetting what happened at the end of Return Of The Jedi...
Yaster  +   2760d ago
In my community clan we always referred to buying a xbox/360 as "joining the darkside" then we'd get people joining us from over theere claiming to have also joined the darkside buy purchasing a PS3. It just depends on which background you're from.

I for the record see PS as light and Xbox as dark ;)
power of Green  +   2760d ago
The DreamCast was the planet destroyed by the deathstar. Console color doesn't even touch this issue.

Yaster: So did Skywalker.
#27 (Edited 2760d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
power of Green  +   2760d ago
I mean what the hell do you think has been going on here(even more so lately).

The Sony Impire is trying to strike back and using clone troops as tools.

The rebel alliance(NIN/MSFT) are trying to restore order to industry its too bad Sony's evil destroyed the Dreamcast(((((forcing))))) retailers to put the PS2 in front and Dreamcast in the back lol).
Bathyj  +   2760d ago
The dreamcast died cos Sega had no money left after years of circling the bowl and no one bought it. Just like no one's buying your crap now.

If you're so happy with your XB why is it all you and your buttpuppet cronies ever do is complain?
roybatty  +   2760d ago
"The rebel alliance(NIN/MSFT)" LOL!
That has to be the gayest most pathetic post you have come up with yet POG. And we all know you've had some real doozies, just read the PS3 section for the last year and fish out her many BS FUD anti Sony posts.
But this one! Oh my! Rebel Alliance! How romantic.
power of Green  +   2760d ago
Seeing how you're so offended by what I posted you must know its true.

Forget what thread you're in?.

Rabid foaming at the mouth tool be gone.

What are you a child?, There was a time many consoles could have success at any given time.
Sony dominated for two generation killing other consoles and as of late will do and say anything to get on top.(no need to list what Sony PR has said).

Now in this generation Sony has to work hard due to the new successful competion(consoles), whats so hard to understand?.

"PS3 section for the last year and fish out her many BS FUD anti Sony posts" lol

^^^ as if MSFT fanboys go out of their way to control news flow and have agenda's to wipe Sony out with propaganda.

LOL this fool brings up a few 360 fanboy comments in the PS3 threads vs the very clear weapons Sony's using to beat the 360 by word of mouth.
#28.3 (Edited 2760d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
roybatty  +   2760d ago
POG, apart from Mart, JasonXG1, Mesh and a few other losers, YOU are the fanboy you speak of that posts anti Sony BS. Don't try and play all cool like we don't know you have posted hundreds of BS posts in the PS3 section? Jesus! " A few 360 fanboy comments" LOL!

So with that sentence you trivialize it to a 'few' instances of fanboyism, and distance your own dumb @ss as if its not you.


I can't really be bothered right now but if someone wants a full history of this girls "trolling" of the PS3 news, I'll get into the archives and put one together.
Will be a huge file I'm sure.
Yaster  +   2760d ago
@ power of Green
Yeah I'm sure what you're saying is very clever and all but its way over my head as I'm not a big Star Wars fan
macalatus  +   2760d ago
Microsoft pretty much has the monopoly on the PC industry,and it is now planning to overtake the video game industry. So, who's the 'evil empire' now?

And also, the last time I checked, the Gamecube, N64, and the original Xbox weren't wiped out by the previous Playstations...so where the f_ck did you get the idea that Sony *killed* those consoles as well?

Last but not the least, if you're freakin' going to sound intelligent, at least put some effing effort into it. You and your ilk are just sounding dumber and dumber each passing day.
#28.6 (Edited 2760d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
MadMax  +   2760d ago
RIP Dreamcast, you were #1
This is for BATHYJ who obviously doesnt know too much about the Dreamcast. For one the Dreamcast was far superior a machine than the PS2, i have a PS3 and owned a PS2, i also have a 360 so i am not bashing on Sony. The fact is was when the PS2 was released it was so overly hyped by the media that it became so wanted by everybody. The Dreamcast on the other hand was not advertised enough and unfortunately the timing of the PS2 coming out ruined it for Sega. Most people are sheep these days and will believe anything anyone tells them. When the PS2 came out i was blown away at how inferior it was to the Dreamcast, take a look at the games for instance. The graphics were no where as good as Segas machine. It also was the first system to go online with a 56k modem. Sonys weapon was the dvd player included with the PS2, that is where and only where they were able to cloud most peoples judgement of which had the better games, period. I think some of you forget or have not given the Dreamcast enough credit for how good of a system it really was, from the virtual fishing rod to the systems memory unit which was pretty unique. I think some of my best times gaming were on the Dreamcast, it had some groundbreaking games. I had a buddy that was a pc freak only, never wanted anything to do with any game systems. When he saw the Dreamcast in action, he went out and bought one the next day, he also wasnt impressed with the PS2 either with its release. Hype is what did the Dreamcast in, not quality. Dreamcast 2, fans are awaiting. RIP Dreamcast!
Bathyj  +   2760d ago
Dude what are you saying? The Dreamcast had to survive against competition? I'm sorry about that. It did have a big headstart and I'm not knocking it for its quality. I know Sony played the hype game better than Sega did, but maybe if they had some money left they could have generated some themselves.

You might say PS2 was overhyped but you cant say in hindsight its been disappointing. Its delivered bigtime just like all Sony consoles have. I'm just a bit sick of people making out like Sony was the bad guy for trying to win, when the Sega exec's obviously didn't know how to run the company anymore. I think more than anything it was just the image that Sega and losing went together.

Mastersystem and Megadrive were probably the last time they were close 2nd. Then they were whooped with Saturn. By the time Dreamcast came out if you'll remember it was the last throw of the dice much like it was for Nintendo, only Sega didnt pull off a Wii. I was one who waited for a PS2 because aside from Soul Caliber and then later Shenmu nothing on DC impressed me. Each to their own I guess but you cant blame people for having different taste. If there was even one game I had to have I would have bought it like I did with Wii. (Worst 700 bucks I ever spent.)
Bathyj  +   2760d ago

Fansites should leave fanboyism to the fanboys.

You want an underlying meaning? OK, how's this.

More people want to be Darth Vader than Yoda, just like more people want a PS3 over an Xbox.

Sleek, Black, sexy and powerful Vs Green recluse, already peaked who only came out of hiding when a young boy came to visit.
floppy  +   2760d ago
@ madmax
Actually the dreamcast died due to piracy. I know so many people who rented games and burned them. Therefore the software sales were poor.
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mighty_douche  +   2760d ago
Yoga Groomed young boys just like the Xbox, so i guess it fits perfectly....

Vader for the win!
GITPWNED  +   2760d ago
Who the f*ck is Yoga?
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