Diablo 3 Trailer Dramatically Describes The Witch Doctor

As the weeks continue to tick down until the massively anticipated May 15th 2012 launch of Diablo III, Blizzard have released yet another dramatically-narrated character class showcase trailer for the game, this time featuring The Witch Doctor.

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badjournalism2157d ago

I see your Witch Doctor and raise you a Witch Doctor untainted by Activision.

2156d ago
Ramas2156d ago

Most playable classes in diablo 3 will be.
1. Demon hunter (roughly 30% players)
2. Witch doctor (roughly 25% players)
3. Barbarian (roughly 20% players)
4. Wizard (roughly 15% players)
5. Monk (roughly 10% players)

Write your prediction if you disagree :)

NeoTribe2156d ago

I think id swap ur demon hunter with the witch doctor percentage. Atleast in its early days.

Gran Touring2156d ago

pretty accurate list. I'm going to first try the monk even though he/she's kind of weak right now, the class just looks interesting to me.