Review: Risen 2 [SideQuesting]

Steven Strom of writes: "I really wanted to love Risen 2. I can feel my inner Jim Hawkins calling back to me, desperately clinging for purchase of a chasm of mediocrity and disappointment. And while that voice might still mean something to me and First Mate Mr. Barkley, it’s not enough to plug the holes in a leaky product. Risen 2: Dark Waters has a whole lot of heart, but it’s that very heart that may have blinded the developers to the game’s more mundane issues. I only wish that I could have been bit blinded to them myself."

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joab7772005d ago

In a way, i am glad. I love rpgs and would have adored a pirate themed one. But, I'm buried in great rpgs right now with no end in sight. This and the other great games racking up since Arkham city. I'm glad i can sit this one out without feeling bad. That being said, dragons dogma looks very promising...and it's coming so soon.

Basjohn2005d ago

Risen 1 was horrible and it was pretty easy to predict this would be the same. Why so many sequels to terrible games while great games get left ashore? *Cough* Psychonauts *cough*

The whole design process these guys use is sub-par and I suggest they take a bite out of Stardock's books, who often release crappy games (with potential) and then rather than churn out sequels, instead release massive alterations to the game until it is actually a quality product. Of course we'd all prefer something good from the start, buuuuuuuut I'm just saying let's avoid the nauseating offer of a "Risen 3".