10 Essential PSN Titles For Indie Gamers writes: Indie gaming is hard to keep track of these days. When I think back to my own experience, this time last year I had never really dabbled into the indie gaming scene, and after being thrown in at the deep end, I soon delved beneath the surface to find some truly outstanding games.

So I thought it would be great if I could share some of my favourite experiences for each platform. Today we're taking a look at the PlayStation 3, which has offered some great experiences via the PSN store.

So here's 10 Essential PSN titles for you to grab today!

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ratsrock2424d ago

Braid, flOw, Everyday Shooter, Detuned., Linger in Shadows, Limbo, Where is My Heart? and Closure.

These are some of the best games PSN has to offer. They happen to be made by indie developers and were not mentioned in the article. I strongly recomend atleast a google or youtube search.

Thanks for your time.

hellerphant2424d ago

Yes, yet games like Braid and Limbo started as Xbox 360 exclusives, and I included those on my 360 list yesterday. :P

MySwordIsHeavenly2424d ago

I didn't know Double Fine was considered "indie". What are the stipulations for being "indie" anyway?

Great list though.

rodiabloalmeida2424d ago

Back to The Future series... Indie... Since when? It's a Telltale game, for god sake.