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Submitted by Pozzle 1389d ago | opinion piece

Top 8 Overrated Video Games

411media writes: This week we will be looking at the Top 8 Most Overrated Games of all time, and I will be honest I am slightly anxious at this one. I was warned by a poster on the column section that I should never do overrated games as I am generally very nice about games, and this will only lead to me becoming overly negative like the rest of the internet. So stupidly I put it into the choices for the column, but I think this will be my last negative column for the foreseeable future. That's audience participation for you! Anyway, I will be judging this list on games that were overhyped, over praised and generally labelled to a standard I never really thought they deserved. (Dead Rising, Final Fantasy, Grand Theft Auto IV, PC, PS3, Tetris, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, Wii, Xbox 360)

LX-General-Kaos  +   1389d ago
I agree with this whole list besides the Halo franchise. The Halo franchise is the most influential, successful exclusive 1st person shooter franchise in the world today. With each iteration the Halo franchise provides new ideas and innovations that usually go on to set new standards for the FPS genre in the future. Also to this very day there has never been an inferior release in the Halo universe.

Many games have been labeled "Halo killer" in the past that have gone on to become inferior product. Lacking the award winning gameplay, and amazing atmosphere that put Halo in a class of its own. Halo still remains the ruler of the land of the shooter, and this article is attempting to remove credit from Master Chief and the legacy that is Halo.

Rated E For Everyone
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Ranma1  +   1388d ago
I didnt care whether FF1 to FF10 was over rated, because they were good games.

FF11-14 are sh*t games, no world map and or little exploration, unlikeable characters,rubbish story in those games (we can ignore online ones)

I think most people should not care whether a game is over rated or not so long as its good and they like it
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LAWSON72  +   1388d ago
it so so sad people disagree with this. Also who ever picked these games can go suck ****.
Awesome_Gamer  +   1388d ago
GTA IV is a true masterpiece and its still the best open world game this gen even though it was released 4 years ago
deep_fried_bum_cake  +   1388d ago

Is GTA IV the only open world game that you've played this gen? Sounds like it. While it is still a 9/10 game in my opinion, I wouldn't put it near the top open world games this gen and I'm quite shocked that it didn't make #1 in this list.

It has a lot of issues. Main examples being a pretty boring main character and a general lack of replay value if you've already completed the story once. I thought that the multiplayer was very well done though.

My main problem with it is how much they changed it from being a GTA game. They removed the stupidness from the game for the most part, forced annoying characters like florian and roman on us and to top it off there was a crap soundtrack.

Dunno why they have said that tetris is overrated, it's simple, addictive and can be picked up and played whenever. I'd say that's pretty good.
NastyLeftHook0  +   1388d ago
actually i think halo should be #1 most overrated game.
Horny  +   1388d ago
Rated M For Mature
MrDead  +   1389d ago
Just think of all the wasted skin cells from your finger tips that went into typing this, you could have used them on more important things like picking your nose. Now here I am wasting my own cells typing about how pointless this article was, can you see what you have started? In a few hours time you would have caused the pointless waste of millions of cells..... I hope you can live with that.
fastrez  +   1389d ago
Being overrated is a question of personal opinion. Opinions count for very little in gaming today.
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Skywalker123  +   1389d ago
terrible list
ZeroWil  +   1389d ago
Here are the games that are listed, so you don't have to waste your time:

8. LittleBigPlanet 1
7. The Guitar Hero series
6. Dead Rising 1
4. Halo 1
3. Elder Scrolls IV
2. Final Fantasy (most of them)
1. Tetris

The author doesn't really go into why these games are overrated. For example, he wasn't a big fan of sci-fi shooters, and couldn't understand the praise, therefore Halo is included in this list. Terrible article.
Xeoset  +   1389d ago
Surely yellow journalism like this should have the website domain banned from the aggregator?

N4G was once quite reputable, but now it's a ghost town and the primary reason is playing "the game". These glorified blogs know how to manipulate N4G to get hits and N4G lets them, yet lose fans.

The more fans, the more ad views, the more profit. So surely it's in N4G's best interest to start banning sh!t like this in order to get the old community back?

Nerdmaster  +   1388d ago
He did say why he thinks each one of these games are overrated.

Here's what he said about Halo:
"This was built up as a game changers, and sure it was for Microsoft as it saved the Xbox from dying a quick death, but for the first person shooter genre this was really nothing new."

And he's completely right.
kesvalk  +   1388d ago
the next time you throw a grenade in a FPS without needing to change your main weapon, remember that was halo: combat evolved that first made this mechanic famous...
Captain Qwark 9  +   1389d ago
i agree with lbp, guitar hero, ff, and gta4

also with oblivion but only becuase morrowind was so much better, its still a great game

not with dead rising, thats a solid title and i dont know anyone who praises it for being anything more than just solid. also the difficulty is fine, thats part of what makes it good imo like the souls series or ninja gaiden

and lastly, tetris is lame, idc how "classic" it is, that game sucks 20 years ago when i was 5 and it sucks today
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HarvesterOSarow  +   1389d ago
Most of the games in the article the author had no knowledge about or interest in the slightest. So I ask the question, what does he like, and why does he consider himself a gamer? If people found Oblivion boring that's fine. I put 180 hours into it and thought it was amazing. If he doesn't like half of the games on here then his opinion of them being over-rated is a little biased. It is an opinion piece so that's fine, but really? That's like asking a romantic movie enthusiast to review horror films. Show perspective on a few things you like as opposed to hating, or not understanding every game on your list.
A LIVING LEGEND  +   1389d ago
Little Big Planet?... not bloody likely...unless of course it's genius escapes you,and Halo CE !? best shooter this gen imo,sure Halo 2 was meh but CE stands the test of time.
Oblivion maybe and Dead Rising probably but overall a lame excuse for an article.
The term overrated is so overused and opinion often varies as to exactly what constitutes an overrated game anyways.
PR_FROM_OHIO  +   1389d ago
Halo and LBP are not overrated people are just haters!!
fossilfern  +   1389d ago
Red Dead was over rated if you ask me. But the Zombie expansion wasnt bad
smashcrashbash  +   1389d ago
Why is LBP overrated? What did LBP do to be warranted as overrated? People made millions of LBP levels and had fun doing it. Why, because we weren't killing millions of aliens violently and being creative instead? Because when people played they were ashamed about how little imagination they have? Because MM asked you to think a little? I think that was their problem, was actually having faith that many gamers still had any thinking power left. And the people that did built rollercosters,side scrolling shooters, FPSs, RPGs, racing games, computers, pianos and all sorts of wondrous things. So how is that overrated?
QuodEratDemonstrandm  +   1384d ago
Lol. I actually stopped playing lbp for awhile because I was jealous of the creative skills I was seeing in that game.

Ruof is frappin brilliant.
Kluv  +   1389d ago
Top 8 guys who overrate themselves.

1. This author
2-8. This author.
Bimkoblerutso  +   1389d ago
Over the years, GTAIV is really the only game I've ever considered genuinely "overrated." It was absolutely crazy after it hit. "GTAIV is the best game of all time" was thrown around by more than one site, I'll just say that.

Anyway, terrible list. Not because I disagree with the choices (though I DO disagree with most of the choices), but because it's so poorly written, and there's justification for any of them.
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A LIVING LEGEND  +   1388d ago
^ LBP isn't overrated,neither is imagination.
undervalued and certainly lacking at times but not overrated .

The killstreak or the headshot when placed beside the piano or rollercoaster most certainly are.
acemonkey  +   1388d ago
disagree with all of it besides GTA4 b.c i enjoyed myself and same with Deadrising love killing some zombies
LAWSON72  +   1388d ago
I love how games like me2, any cod past 4(clearly a better choice than halo). Ya, dont hate on these overrated titles. Hate on genre defining games like ff especially 6-10, halo ( hate on it all you want but no shooter to date has more modes and features than halo), and lpb eventhough i do not care for it because i can not get into multiplayer games on ps3 since none of my friends have one. Then again saying a game is like writing a review it is just my opinion.
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InTheLab  +   1388d ago
First....Halo and LBP don't belong on the list...

GTA4 is the all-time most overrated game in the history of gaming.

Skyrim was broken for a week on all platforms and remained broken 3 months later on one platform....yet it has a 95 metascore because it's a big game? I call that overrated.

Gears of War 2...again, half the game was broken and the single player was completely forgettable aside from MARIAAAAAAAA! Gears 1 was fantastic. Gears 2 was broken for a whole damn year...

Mass Effect 3...critics have lost their minds. Yeah...bad ending and all, but what about the bulls*** that led up to those three colored lights of Mass Relay destruction? Ghost Kid sections. Curing the 1400 year Genophage and the 260 year Quarian Geth war, both in less than a week. Voice synch off and embarrassingly bad cutscenes. Painfully mediocre TPS mechanics....
Hicken  +   1388d ago
After reading this article, I feel like I just made it to second base with a girl and subsequently found out said girl was a boy. Shock and disgust are my primary emotions, as this article is so repulsive I had to eat something just so I could throw up.
ACBAA  +   1388d ago
glad to see tetris in
ExCest  +   1388d ago
I'm sorry. Those games are actually good. In other words, this article should be "What I Think Are the 8 Most Overrated Games Even Though They Are Actually Good" instead of what it is now.
gamernova  +   1388d ago
Final fantasy 7,8,9,10, and only by association with 10...10-2 were phenomenal games. Not overrated at all.
Psychotica  +   1388d ago
Tetris is overrated? This was out years and years ago, it's not even that popular anymore is it? Seems like a more current game should be #1
indubitably  +   1387d ago
I feel like every list that portrays video games in a negative light that I have been linked to by N4G has had Halo in it. The only list it should be on now is the most overhated.
When you think about it, Microsoft could have made this a yearly deal where every game is a complete sell out just to print money without any of it being put back into the game, instead they truly did pioneer the fps genre on the consoles.

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