Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom Review: Destined for greatness or doomed from the start? (IGN)

Nate Ahearn writes:

"Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom is not a terrible game, in fact there is a small sect of dungeon crawling gamers that will find it enjoyable, but the nausea that was induced by slamming the same buttons repeatedly, fighting the same dim-witted enemies was just too much for me to stand. It might have been more acceptable if the storyline made a lick of sense or was engrossing in the slightest bit, but most of the time you'll feel like you're running around without a true purpose other than slaying nimrod after mindless nimrod. For those few that do enjoy it, there's plenty to play thanks to over 40 hours of gameplay and a level cap of 120, but anyone who makes it that far into Circle of Doom deserves a medal for valor."


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krackchap3791d ago

first 360 AAA for the year 2008

socomnick3790d ago

I did not think that people would buy this game but I was wrong almost 10 people were playing this on my friends list. I guess every game sells good on the xbox.