The Dynastic Hero Review (IGN)

L. Thomas writes:

"When Wonder Boy in Monster World first came to the VC last Spring, our contributing reviewer Mark Birnbaum awarded it a final score of 8.0 and a hearty recommendation. And as The Dynastic Hero is essentially the same game, it would perhaps be easiest to give it the same grade. But, interestingly, playing this version of the design doesn't inspire the same confidence in me that Wonder Boy must have in Mark. I find a different game in the series to be more compelling, actually – Dragon's Curse, which is also on the VC but offers a more unique gameplay mechanic focused on morphing into different character types. If you're going to download a repainted TurboGrafx Wonder Boy game, I'd recommend that one over The Dynastic Hero, especially since it's two bucks less in the Shop. But if you're dedicated to the idea of acquiring either one or the other of this game's versions on the VC, you could still choose Dynastic with confidence. Just make sure you have enough space clear on your Wii's hard drive, because its CD-based origins mean it will take up more blocks of space than the Wonder Boy in Monster World version."


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