Robert Bowling Opens Game Studio

After abruptly leaving developer Infinity Ward in late March, former Call of Duty creative strategist Robert Bowling is opening a game development studio called Robotoki.Speaking to Game Informer through e-mail today, Bowling said the decision to form his own company began immediately after resigning from his long-time position with Activision.

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Majin-vegeta2129d ago

"We have a lot to learn on how to treat talent.* *Coughcrapovisioncough*.

Good for him.

zeal0us2129d ago (Edited 2129d ago )

I think going to Respawn Entertainment, where most of the former IW team is now, would have been a better move. I really don't see this studio living longer.

adorie2129d ago

is Respawn independent? or under the EA umbrella?

snipes1012129d ago

Well, looking at Respawn's wiki page, they aren't any more proven besides the talent that they have. They haven't put a game out yet and, worse, they are partnered with EA through EA partners.

I don't know much about EA partners, but any affiliation with them seems to be poisonous to some extent for game developers.

CarlosX3602129d ago

I think Robert Bowling needs to think up a better name than "Robotoki" for a studio. 'Cause the twitter handle is taken. The only good thing it's done so far is take the facebook vanity name. The youtube channel is tken, as well.

The branding is going to be a hard sell at this point.

Relientk772129d ago

I wonder if he is gonna try to start a new shooter franchise to compete with Call of Duty

shackdaddy2129d ago

Sounds like he got tired of being Activision's whipping boy. Good for him.

dvfaa2129d ago

good he was the best part of activision

rickybadman2129d ago

I'm really happy for him. After having to put up with Activision management and the COD community for all those years, he deserves this.

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