Should Gaming News Outlets Air Their Dirty Laundry with Readers?

Ripten's Chad Lakkis writes:

"For those who missed it, EGM (according to Editor Dan Hsu) was supposedly cut off from receiving preview and review copies of games by Sony, Midway, and Ubisoft due to what the publishers felt where unfavorable review scores and or practices.

While I can understand why Dan may have felt the need to call out the poor sportsmanship of Sony's Sports Division, the low blow of Midway's Mortal Kombat Team, and the stealthy exit of Ubisoft, I question his decision to do so, and can't help but feel that an unnecessary trend is beginning to take place."

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LightningPS33993d ago (Edited 3993d ago )

I'm glad to see this happen, it needs to happen more because I'm sick of the fanboyism even among magazine editors.

If they suspect you're not being fair, they should cut you off. If you believe that magazine editors aren't real people and are fanboys also, you're wrong.

Nostradavis3993d ago

I agree with you 100%. If they don't like it, then go buy the game like the rest of us. To say they are being "banned" is not accurate. They are being cut off from receiving free product....they can still review the game if they like.

toughNAME3993d ago

Sony, Ubisoft, Midway need to man up and make a commitment to make better games

Just because there big names doesn't mean their able to produce half-assed games

Nostradavis3993d ago

I agree that they should be making the best games they possibly can, however they also have the right to send their free products to whomever they chose to. There is no governing body that says they must be sent out to the following outlets. That is my point.

Publications like Consumer reports are successful because their reader base trust them and are willing to pay for their advice and wait for their review of products even if it is not the first to hit the shelves because they know what they are getting.

Omegasyde3993d ago (Edited 3993d ago )

Developers pay for favorable reviews almost everywhere, MSFT, Sony, and even Nintendo are all guilty. However if another company is getting favorable attention and your games aren't?

What would a company do then? Suck it up or say F- you, your privileges denied? 1up isn't the gurus they say they are and are actually quite snobby and actually talk smack about games that in beta stages...

Ironically they are also trying to separate themselves from Gamespot also but Gamespot and the (egm included) are owned by the same company...

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Genki3993d ago

This especially stuck out to me:

"My feelings are that gaming sites, as well as printed publications, will now start to air their dirty laundry in an effort to proactively defend themselves, and REASSURE readers that they are on the up and up."

Sounds like pure political bullcrap to me. That's the direction things are heading it seems. Riddle me this. Should gaming journalism really be at odds with the industry that they're covering? It would be like a photography publication being at odds with Canon or Nikon. On principle alone such shaky relations just flat out not be an issue.

The problem with the way things work today is that reviews are entirely too arbitrary and opinionated these days. I don't care what anyone says, a 1-10 scale is broken, period. It doesn't matter what justification is given by whoever, EVERYONE will have their own interpretation of what a 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, or 10 means. For example, I'm the type who thinks a 7 is a quality, fun game that's worth playing. Many others would tell me I'm crazy and that a 7 is sh*t. Thing is, MY interpretation of a 7 also may not necessarily reflect what some big wig publication says, let alone me not playing the game myself, so now what? Exactly.

The reason this sort of thing doesn't happen too often in other areas of technology is because there are clear, concise, and generally accepted benchmarks or standards to weigh things against. Such is not the case here with games, and this is why a publisher can feel justified in being treated unfairly, because they simply don't see it that way. In the camera world, if you release a camera that has crap image quality with garbage ISO levels and useless options, then there's no two ways about it...your device sucks.

This isn't to say that the publishers are right OR that I necessarily agree with them...I said that's how THEY CAN FEEL justified. Thing is, for the reasons I just stated we can't really call either party right or wrong.

I'm not a big fan of the review system various pubs employ, but this sort of angst could potentially make things worse. IMO, most review outlets should take a simple pass, rent, or buy scale instead of arbitrary numbers. Publishers should offer preview coverage but no review code(meaning special packages, gifts, incentives, etc.). Just my take.

Nostradavis3993d ago (Edited 3993d ago )

I agree with you Genki. A 7 is a good game. Check out this review scale. I will paste it below for everyone. It does not say that a 7 is by any means bad.

Ripten 1-10 Review Scoring Breakdown

10) Freaking Amazing - I’ll sign over my first born for a chance to be in the same room with this game. You could crap yourself while playing, and still never get up off the couch — yes, its that good!!

9) Great game, one of the best of its kind. Innovative and flat out fun to play. Exceeds and or delivers on all expectations.

8) Very good game. Some flaws but nothing you can’t live with. The overall experience was worth the price of the game. You may even consider playing it from time to time even after you finish beating it.

7) Good game. More flaws then you would like in a game at its price. Measurables start to really come into consideration here. Some expectations are met, but a noticeable amount are not. Worth a shot, but you may want to consider renting before buying.

6) Marginally enjoyable, this game may have a very narrow audience or very noticeable flaws that could and should have been resolved. Flaws all but wash out the games great moments, but that’s not to say that it doesn’t have its share. Game was promising but fell short. Seriously consider this game as a rental only.

5) Overall, a flawed game with few bright moments. Slightly enjoyable at times but mostly a drag. Measurables such as graphics are either very bad or not enough to makes up for what the game lacks otherwise. Rent it, don’t buy it, make a statement that you demand a better gameplay experience.

4) Who thought this was a good idea? One or maaaaybe two bright points, but that’s it. Lacking in many many areas, so much so that even decent measuables will not help this game. A game like this may still have supporters but they are clearly the minority. Possibly mismartketed or often just a miss completely. This game can not be recommended and you should rent at your own risk.

3) Crap! Crapola! This game MAY have one redeaming quality, but you would never know it as the crap surrounding it overpowers anything and everything this game could ever have hoped to be. Measureables are poor and will leave you longing for a good boardgame. Not recommended, and if you rent it the store clerk may never look at you the same way again.

2) If a major publisher put this out, their days are numbered, sell their stock immediately. If given to you as a gift, seriously question that persons decision making ability. Game is terrible on a levels. Immensely flawed and not worth your time. A viable alternative if your only other option is to set fire to yourself. Don’t rent this, in fact games this bad shouldn’t even be available for rent.

1) Horrible from start to finish, this is not a game, its a midevil torture device. Graphics and all other aspects make you want to throw up in your own mouth while playing. If murder was legal, you may find yourself considering hunting down everyone associated with this poor excuse for a game. Complete garbage, shame on the company who allowed this to see the dark of night, let alone the light of day! Stock up on soap, because you are going to want to bathe after playing this one.

DemiseofPandas3993d ago

I think one of the biggest problems with reviewers is that they have to review on the lowest common denominator of the public, and generally more publicly accepted ideas are more likely to get higher scores. They should be reviewing with all types of people in mind, and tell a niche group of people that it may be up their alley even if not everyones. In this day and age there is a huge bias toward shooters. It is almost like a snowball effect, more people like shooters, media reports more on them, higher scores are given, more shooters are made... and the cycle continues. I am so curious as to what the next big genre will be to put shooters in their place. I'm hoping for the age of user created content... but we will see. (sorry for the rant)

Xbox is the BEST3993d ago

Sony and Midway games suck. Ubisoft I only play their shooters/stealth games.

bootsielon3992d ago

You have "Xbox is BEST" on your username, you don't like Sony games, and you like shooter games. You could have omitted your comment as well. "Xbox is BEST" says it all.

TheHater3992d ago

"What do we do now? Nothing. We won’t treat these products or companies any differently, and we’ll just cover them to the best of our own abilities, with or without their support. Because, after all, we’re writing for you, the reader — not them"

"you are Writing for you, the readers- not them." I call bullsh!t. You are writing for the f**king check you receive each week.

"What do we do now? Nothing. We won’t treat these products or companies any differently, and we’ll just cover them to the best of our own abilities, with or without their support." I call another bullsh!t. you will thread these companies different that others.

@the dude that wrote the article at
"In closing, Dan does make some valid points, however I personally don’t think we should be bickering about these types of things to our readers, and I hope that this does not become the norm."

then why the hell did you write this article?

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