Box art revealed for Resistance: The Trilogy on Playstation 3

The official European box art has been revealed for the upcoming Playstation 3 exclusive game bundle, Resistance: The Trilogy, which contains Resistance: Fall of Man, Resistance 2 and Resistance 3.

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PirateThom1763d ago

Is it sad that I own the three games, but want to buy this for the box?

Ilovetheps41763d ago

I'm kind of the same way. I own all 3 games but for some odd reason I still want the collection.

EeJLP-1762d ago (Edited 1762d ago )

Hopefully I'm wrong, but this is very likely going to be half-assed as hell with no R:FoM trophies, not have all the DLC on the disks, and will very likely be the ugly yellow Platinum Hits versions.

This is what the Trilogy should be and deserves to be:

Resistance: Fall of Man - [Trophy support - All DLC (map packs, etc.) - All bonus content (Cloven skin, etc.)]

Resistance 2 - 'Reflection' box art (from Collector's and European editions) - All DLC and bonus content (map packs, skins, etc.)]

Resistance 3 - [New interior art that is consistent with the first two games - All DLC - All preorder and Global Resistance bonus content; skins, air-fuel grenades, etc.]

MSRP: $59.99
Release: TBA (Late 2012 - 2013)

Consistent spine art to look more like a trilogy and use of the new PS3 box art template instead R:FoM and R2's old red ones (on US versions, not sure about other regions).

Next game:
[PS4] Resistance: The Angry Night - 'origins' prequel set in Russia / eastern Europe.

egidem1762d ago

I also have the same issue. I have all 3 games, but I would like to own the trilogy.

MAJ0R1762d ago

If it really ends up being $80 in the U.S. then that's a complete rip off.

Controversy1762d ago

This is a damn good bundle. Seriously, if you don't already have these games, don't miss out.


i liked the capelli body walking towards new york to be the cover art

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waltyftm1763d ago

No, what is sad is that i own none of them, and will have to get this.

pandaboy1763d ago

don't bother, it's really not worth your time.

solidjun51763d ago (Edited 1763d ago )

Very good games. It is worth your time.

duplissi1762d ago

pretty good games, with the second game being the low point of the series.

sikbeta1762d ago

IMO half worth, half doesn't because:

R:FOM >> R3 >>>> R2

But judge by yourself :D

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MrDead1763d ago

No it's not sad. Viva la Resistance!

KUV19771763d ago (Edited 1763d ago )

I totally feel the same way, but they will probably have the ugly platinum versions of the regular games in that box, like they did with God of War, and unlike the US-greatest-Hits-Covers they are really atrocious.

I am, however, looking forward to Resistance Burning skies soon...

PirateThom1763d ago

Buy games, put the regular games into the box, sell other copies/give to friends....

Again, sad. :D

NeoBasch1763d ago

I have an excuse to repurchase the games. Someone broke into my house last year and made off with my original PS3 slim and Resistance 1 and 2. I hope SCEA releases this here in America too, and hopefully none of the greatest hits versions are included. If so, I'll have to hunt down the originals.

aviator1891763d ago

NOPE, that box art looks incredible.

Rynx1763d ago

All I really want is a trophy patch for FoM, so I can play it again, co-op with my brother and call it a day.

Bobby Kotex1762d ago

Is it sad I've never played a Resistance game? I feel like this box is for me.

Relientk771762d ago

Nothing wrong with being a fan, and buying the collection

ngecenk1762d ago

Fake box art. This fan art has been existed since kz2.i hd it on my hdd already

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edwineverready1763d ago

Hope they bring out the resistance psp on the vita.

Skate-AK1763d ago

I doubt it but they did add right stick support instead of having to use the face buttons.

KUV19771763d ago

You mean the old PSP-title supports dual-analog-sticks on VITA? Like really or just as a mediocre mapping of face buttons to stick?

cpayne931763d ago

Yeah can you aim in more than 8 directions for psp shooters on Vita?

TheMrMadzen1762d ago

The game plays amazing on the Vita!

torchic1763d ago (Edited 1763d ago )

I hope there's an Uncharted trilogy pretty soon!

but very glad I held up on buying R3. I will definitely buy this

Skate-AK1763d ago

You can tell its the same artist that did the R3 box art. I wonder if it will be all on one disc?

ZeroChaos1763d ago

I hope they add trophies to R:FoM but I doubt it :(

Skate-AK1763d ago

I wish they would but I doubt they ever will. Back when they released the dual pack of 1&2 they said it would be counter productive to go through old code to implement a trophy system.

ZeroChaos1762d ago

Very true but Insomniac don't own the IP anymore. So Sony could themselves patch it in now.

enkeixpress1763d ago

They should port this over to PS Vita as well.. it'd be a system seller, for sure.

kaveti66161763d ago

I think they should focus on creating new IPs for the vita.

IRetrouk1762d ago

We need a mix of old established franchises and new ips for the vita, not one or the other

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