IGN- The Walking Dead: The Game- Episode 1 Review

IGN- The Walking Dead: The Game is off to a great start with A New Day. It has a believable cast of characters and a great look. Sure, the puzzles some adventure gamers love are missing and there will be an audio hiccup here and there, but as an introductory hook to the five-episode series, The Walking Dead Episode 1 has just about everything fans could want.

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OllieBoy1946d ago

Buying this tomorrow.

<3 Telltale games :D

Anon19741946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )

Wait, what? This is actually good? How the hell did that happen? Go Telltale games!

cpayne931946d ago

Yeah I'm keeping my eye on this one, just gotta wait for the other reviews to roll in.

Kran1946d ago


That's.... higher than the review Back to the Future ep 1 got from them.

rocky0475861946d ago

I was honestly expecting lower from IGN. I'm satisfied with what they gave it. Hope it's as good as they make it sound.

KidMakeshift1946d ago

Greg Miller is a die hard Walking Dead fan so his review is a tad sensationalized

I never been a fan of TellTale's past games but this one might convert me

rocky0475861946d ago

Oh trust me, I'm not a fan of Telltale Games at all. None of them. But from what I've seen of this game so far, I'd say that it's worth a look because of how well the voice work seemed and how good the graphics are for cel-shading, something else I'm not a huge fan of. I really like how the action is handled to be honest, it is something to make you feel how this character feels, and it still gives you free reign when you really need it too.

KidMakeshift1946d ago

I'm curious where you'll cross paths with characters from the comic.

I'm kinda behind. I stopped reading right after they were set on going to Washington.

dark-hollow1946d ago

wow!!!! i didnt expect that much for this title!!

i might buy it after all..

BattleTorn1946d ago

I was really put off my the intial game footage (cause I wasn't aware of it being a downloadable title)

but since then I've really come to term with what its' going to be. (and not for that matter)

I'm curious to know how long "Episode 1" is, hopefully not too short. (cliffhanger ending is to be unavoidable, I suspect)

-MD-1946d ago

Each episode is 2 hours long.

PS3Freak1946d ago

On the Rails. Am I right?

You were reeeeeally put off by it apparently.

rocky0475861944d ago

What do you mean "On the Rails"? What does that mean? The game is a fully explorable 3D game, it's an action adventure title it's not "on rails" as you are free to go where you want to go. Why don't you play the demo?

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