GameStop Leaks A New Max Payne 3 "Burst" Ability

GR: "Rockstar Games has been intentionally silent on the types of abilities players will be able to use to counteract bullet time in Max Payne 3's multiplayer. While a previous multiplayer gameplay trailer detailed the way bullet time would only affect enemies in your line of sight, more burst abilities were teased for a later date."

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ftwrthtx1981d ago

Seems bullet time should be left in single player only.

Holeran1981d ago

From what has been reported so far the bullet time works surprisingly well in multiplayer according to some who have had some hands on time with the multiplayer. The way they implemented it sounds pretty logical to me and sounds like it may be a very interesting twist on fire fights.

stormeagle61981d ago

Sounds a bit like the fast forward and slowdown mechanics in Vanquish.

Rampaged Death1980d ago

I'm very interested in the multiplayer after all the good things I've heard about R* handling the bullet time mechanic.