HD DVD Adopters Returning Players?

"We've heard from reputable sources at CES 2008 that people are returning HD DVD players they bought at low prices over the holidays because of all the crap that's gone down in the HD DVD camp this past week. Have any of you guys seen-or been a part of-the phenomenon?"

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LightningPS33968d ago

I don't see why this shouldn't get approved. It's no different than the other tons of rumors and speculation here on

killax35633967d ago

That's just sad if this is really happening. As if it couldn't get worse for HD-DVD and Toshiba.

ArduousAndy3967d ago

if the 360 comes with a blu-ray add on im not going to pick it up instead im gonna return the HD add on and pick up a duel format player.

mikeslemonade3967d ago

The people shouldn't have the right to return the hd-dvd players. Just like when you go to war and die you don't get to come back alive.

ravinash3967d ago

I think its the first case I've seen where people who are on the boat bailing water from outside in to the boat.
Its sinking fast, stand back!

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GodsHand3967d ago

One more couldn't hurt, or can it?

Monchichi0253967d ago

If you all kept on my comments, you all know I was very excited my wife bought me one for Xmas. But afrter the Warner news, I returned it to Bestbuy the following day. But I won't go Blu anytime soon. I bought 360 games instead!! :) I'll just keep downloading HD movies now, since I wasn't much of a movie buyer anyways.

DrWan3967d ago

..true, it's Gizmondo, if all those "PREDICTIONS" of 2008 can get posted..this might as well be one of those predictions if not true...yet

jams_shop3967d ago

That would be the smartest thing to do if you own one of those.

ravinash3967d ago

If I had just got mine and found out that soon, no one is going to be making products for it...then hell yeah, I'd return it.
An HD-DVD player is basically a lemon now.

chrno63967d ago

It's a logical rumor, so it should be approved.

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The story is too old to be commented.