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Submitted by turokgames 1388d ago | news

Max Payne 3 Xbox 360 Will be on Two Discs, Both Discs Needed for Singleplayer

According to Redbox, Max Payne 3 will be two discs and both will be needed for singleplayer on the Xbox 360. (Max Payne 3 , Xbox 360)

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LOGICWINS  +   1388d ago
Threads like this are the reason I come to N4G

EDIT: Now for my(as usual)logical reaction. This is a GOOD thing for the industry because it shows that we are being held back by the DVD9 format.

I hope that the Xbox 720 and the PS4 sport nothing less than Blu-Ray format for their games.
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turokgames  +   1388d ago
Thread? o.o
Dante112  +   1388d ago | Well said
I'm probably gonna go with the PS3 version this time around.

Edit: O.O....After years of saying Blu-ray is useless, LOGICWINS admits that the DVD9 format was holding gaming back (FF13 multiplatform rants) and hopes that the next gen consoles support it. Funny.
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Moncole  +   1388d ago
Dante, The first disk will be the campaign and the second disk will be the multiplayer.
LOGICWINS  +   1388d ago
"After years of saying Blu-ray is useless"

ROFL...and I assume you have evidence(old comments) to back that up right? Oh N4G, your deluded world brightens up my afternoons =)


*looks through old comments*

"Damn sun, can't find nothin!"

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kaveti6616  +   1388d ago
Well, Dante, sometimes something is useless during one point in time and then becomes useful later on.

Either way, I don't think Logicwins ever made a post saying BluRay was useless.
Dante112  +   1388d ago
I really hope the next gen consoles do support bluray or have something that allows the developers to have more space for game.

@ Logic

You and I both know that I'm not gonna scan through hundreds of pages of comments to prove anything to you. Half the people here have already witness your FF13 rants before anyway.

@ kaveti

"Well, Dante, sometimes something is useless during one point in time and then becomes useful later on."

How was blu-ray useless at one point though? It always had it's uses.
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A-Glorious-Dawn  +   1388d ago
How was bluray ever useless??

If anything it was too useful..
kaveti6616  +   1388d ago
"If anything it was too useful.."

That's the same as saying it was overkill.

I should have phrased it differently. Blu-Ray wasn't useless, it just wasn't used by the majority of developers out there.

Sony Santa Monica and a whole mess of other Sony studios took advantage of Blu Ray for uncompressed audio and higher quality cutscenes, but most developers didn't really take advantage of it at the beginning of the generation. About midway through we read from interviews that the DVD was beginning to restrict their development, but because publishers were more than satisfied with cutting content and selling it back to us as DLC, the need for Blu Ray was once again delayed.

It is only now when larger, more ambitious titles are being developed that DVD is becoming an issue, and that's usually with open world, free-roam games or games with expansive multiplayer modes like Halo or Battlefield.

It's pointless to criticize DVD now when both it and Xbox 360 are on their way out. The complaints are being addressed with a new console.
WrAiTh Sp3cTr3  +   1388d ago
I'm saving this thread for the head2head comparison. Blu-ray hasn't helped in most of those scenarios, lol.
Jazz4108  +   1388d ago
Blueray was pretty much useless this gen as the ps3 read speeds are so slow that you can easily change a disc in a few seconds compared to 20 min mandatory installs. Next gen bluray is welcomed as the speeds will be quicker eleiminating the pre installs. The 360 speeds have been fast enough to play any game off of disc even if every machine had a hardrive.
reynod  +   1388d ago
Funny console gamers tend to make such issues over number of disks and disk read times. Yet they are fine with sub 30fps, sub hd graphics(on most rockstar games).
jc48573  +   1388d ago
isn't constantly running from the cd drive a bad thing, especially when it's reading faster? It basically wears out the drive overtime. It's always good to install the game.
sack_boi  +   1387d ago
Oh my gad! People, I'm going to have to lift my lazy azz of the couch after hours of play, to change disc ! Oh Lawd, someone hold mehh!
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Raoh  +   1387d ago

It won't, as per the dev, half of the campaign and the full multiplayer on disc 1, the rest of the campaign on disc 2.

You will need both discs together if you plan to finish the campaign mode.
ziggurcat  +   1387d ago
@ WrAiTh Sp3cTr3:

media format is irrelevant, actually. given that their last effort (L.A. noire) was the better of the two (PS3/X360) versions, i'm willing to bet that MP3 will be pretty amazing on PS3 as R* has shown to be fairly good at developing for that system.

i'm also certain that coming out with a PS3 exclusive (i.e. agent) helps with one's understanding of how things work.

@ reynod:

funny PC elists tend to beat that dead horse of theirs.
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Brosy  +   1387d ago
This won't change anyone's mind. Max Payne 3 on 360 will lead all platforms in sales.

Two discs isn't a game changer when you offer the best controller with the best online service in Xbox Live. Not to mention the better quality version which always seems to be the case when comparing 360 and PS3 multiplats.
Awesome_Gamer  +   1387d ago
I was going to buy it on PS3 anways..
R1CAN617  +   1388d ago
idk about the rest of you but more disc's makes me feel like im getting more.
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torchic  +   1388d ago
wow okay.
BitbyDeath  +   1388d ago
I'll put in a request that they also put it on 700mb CD's then. ;-)
Army_of_Darkness  +   1388d ago
AAHAHAHAHA! that was funny!
if you said that in the PS1 era i would have supported you bro;)
DJ  +   1388d ago
Hah, i feel ya.
Kurt Russell  +   1388d ago
More tangibles ftw!
KwietStorm  +   1387d ago
Cablephish  +   1387d ago
More exercise ftw!
Persistantthug   1388d ago | Off topic | show
Persistantthug   1388d ago | Off topic | show
Christopher  +   1388d ago
Agrees with Logicwins, especially now that faster BD lasers are easier to come by and have better constant read/write rates than the ones in the PS3 and are more comparable to the high points of the variable speed rates of DVD9.
vsr  +   1388d ago
They can release PS2 version like xbox360....
PRHB HYBRiiD  +   1388d ago
That' why i buy all the rockstar games for ps3.. i bet gta 5 will be 2 or 3 discs on 360 too :/
DigitalRaptor  +   1388d ago
Yes. I think this pretty much confirms that GTA V will be on 2+ discs for the 360.

It doesn't matter to me anymore - I enjoy the experience that I get from not having to change the disc. Take from that what you will. As someone with the ability to do other things than wait for something to install, mandatory installs have zero impact on me or my 500GB hard drive.
Bob Dole  +   1388d ago
LA Noire was 3 discs so I'd expect GTA 5 to be around the same.
SilentNegotiator  +   1388d ago
So long as they don't screw up the ps3 version, I'll get that. All I really care about is the campaign.
Awesome-Xanto  +   1388d ago
And just like Read Dead Redemption & GTA 4 it will likley look and play better on the 360. The only reason LA Noire was slightly better on PS3 was because it was programmed for the PS3 from the beginning as it was originally meant to be an exclusive. People here can be a fanboy all they want, but the pictures don't lie:

As for me, I don't have some mystical allegiance to any certain hardware, I will play it on whatever console it looks better on. Unlike most of today's generation, I'm not to lazy to get up and change a disk that takes less than 5 seconds. Hell people now days don't even want to leave there house to buy a game... it's stupid. And this is a rather stupid thing to argue over.
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SilentNegotiator  +   1388d ago

Developed in parallel. Not the same situation as Red Dead.

Don't make any assumptions with this one.
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Mr_cheese  +   1388d ago

Its that attitude that doesn't inspire progression. Many people including myself would rather have the ease of not having to disk swap, especially if the technology is there to meet that requirement.
LOL_WUT  +   1388d ago
Anyone else clicked on this article just for the comments? :)
Majin-vegeta  +   1387d ago
Yes and it's working :D.
ChrisW  +   1388d ago
360 version may be on two discs, but how will if fair in graphics and mechanics over PS3?
humbleopinion  +   1388d ago
Since the game runs on Rockstar RAGE engine it will likely run better and look better (most likely 720P VS 640P on the PS3) just like previous games running on the same engine: RDR and GTA IV, both of which were developed simultaneously for both consoles.

I just don't understand Logic's logic: since this game (just like many before it) shows that games are not limited to a single DVD9, how exactly are he held back by the DVD9 format? It seems like the quite the opposite: despite DVD9 size limit, developers are not limiting their game to just a single DVD in games which require more space (usually games with very heavy cutscenes/dialog focus do exactly that).

I wonder if people will be able to launch the multiplayer portion from both discs. If this will be the case, it means that you can use a single game copy to play online together with a friend that you lend the 2nd disc to.
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Consoldtobots  +   1387d ago
@ kaveti

all this disinformation about bluray was started by microsoft's wording in the contract to bring GTA-IV to the 360. Those of who were around did a wtf-doubletake at the wording that required both console versions to be identical. The whole DVD9 is just fine for this gen sprung from the damage control that move required.
ritsuka666  +   1387d ago
I don't have problem in change discs in XBOX 360, so no problem here for me.
orange-skittle  +   1387d ago
I agree with LogicWins
I really dont see much of a need for a new console, but this shows why there is a need. I like where games are right now, but I do see a new for more storage and faster processors. If you look at what Max 3 is doing with 5 year old technology you have to be amazed. That game looks beautiful and exceeds Uncharted animations. The Euphoria engine is now being put to good use. Uncharted was the pathfinder and now others are starting to mimic its style(which is a good thing). Human like animations outweigh beautiful graphics.
dark-hollow  +   1388d ago
...but blueray isnt needed????
LOGICWINS  +   1388d ago
Your right..bluray isn't needed. Just like having a T.V and gaming console isn't needed. We don't buy these things because we NEED them...we buy them because we LIKE them.

Do you NEED a PS3 to play Max Payne 3? Nope

Will it be a more convenient experience with one disc and free online play if you do have a PS3? You bet your ass!

EDIT: Just some food for thought, if a linear experience like MP3 will be two-discs on the 360...imagine how many discs GTA5 will have to be. This supports my earlier argument that GTA5 WILL(at the very least) be a timed PS3 exclusive.

I don't see how you can make an open world game multiple discs. What? The game I'll make you switch discs everytime you cross a bridge?
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dubt72  +   1388d ago
This doesn't matter to someone who won't buy gta...
kaveti6616  +   1388d ago
We can't be sure that GTA5 will be on this gen of consoles.

Although at this juncture in time we've seen trailers and ads that have the 360 and PS3 logos at the end, those could just be there are placeholders so as to avoid confirming to the public the existence of Xbox 3 and PS4.

MS and Sony could have told Rockstar and other developers to say that those games are going to be on this current gen of consoles only to have them reveal at some later point that development has shifted toward PS4 and Xbox3.

I'm not saying I believe this, but it is not beyond the realm of possibility for publishers to do this.
A-Glorious-Dawn  +   1388d ago
You can't do a GTA on multiple discs.

Not to say it's impossible but it would completely destroy the immersion..

If anything it will be scaled to fit on a DVD..
Nitrowolf2  +   1388d ago
Yes they can.
It was done for LA Noir and Rage did it.
All what the extra disc are for is for the rest of the story related missions. Otherwise the world can be played as if it were on one disc.
#2.1.4 (Edited 1388d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(8) | Report
A-Glorious-Dawn  +   1388d ago
Nitrowolf as I said it's not impossible..

But that for me, as I said before, completely ruins the immersion in a sandbox game...
xPhearR3dx  +   1388d ago
"I don't see how you can make an open world game multiple discs."

Umm hello, L.A. Noire. The world itself can be on both disc, but each disc will contain different story missions. That way swapping disc is never needed unless you're advancing through the story.
Prince_Dim-Lu  +   1388d ago
It amazes me to see your bubble count continue to decrease. I'm being serious. It shows what "side" is stronger on this site. By a lot.

Anyhoo. We are at the end of this generation, so of course DVD9 is becoming a hassle now. I still rather have to switch between disc though, rather than a mandatory install just to play the game.

Anyhoo part 2...Anyhoo harder. IMO, This game will probably be bought more on the 360, as well as review better, despite having 2 disc.
WetN00dle69  +   1388d ago
I highly doubt GTA 5 will be a PS3 timed exclusive.
Thats wishful thinking and nothing more.
GarandShooter  +   1387d ago
'Umm hello, L.A. Noire.'

Was LA Noire truly open world? The desk promotions and case assignments were all linear. The random street crimes didn't make it open world. Maybe the ability to choose which lead you followed next? On the 360 did that lead to a lot of disc swapping?

The ability to drive anywhere you wanted is probably the closest thing to open world I remember.
gtxgamer2  +   1388d ago
If bluray**** isnt needed then you can enjoy your double disc games while ill play everything on one.
Prince_Dim-Lu  +   1387d ago
That sounds good to me. While you play yours I'll play my multi disc.

I wonder what will take longer? You waiting for your mandatory install, and then wait. Or me popping in the second disc after a switch, and putting it in to play after load up.

Seriously. What do you guys think will be faster?

The time it takes to put the game in the PS3 and wait for the mandatory instal and download, or get up from the couch, hit eject on the 360, and put the next disc in. Hmmmm
basilezz3030  +   1388d ago
guys he's joking ... right ??
NukaCola  +   1388d ago
I don't understand how they have it so you need two discs? Is it one for install and the other to run? I figured it'll be 1.5 disc space for SP, .5 for MP like many 360 games now a days. I'm confused.
dark-hollow   1388d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
NukaCola  +   1388d ago
Thanks for all the disagrees and no responses guys. I'm serious. 360 games that require mulitple disc with MP still only use one disc for the MP mode. I was actually wondering why they say both discs are needed. If anyone actually knows, can they enlighten me?
Virus201  +   1387d ago
I'll respond. I think you received a lot of disagrees because you said that many 360 games require two disks which is not true. The only game I can think of are BF3, LA Noire, Rage, and I'm sure there is only a couple more out there.
NukaCola  +   1387d ago
I wasn't talking about them needing 2 discs, it just came out that way. I mean ones that use multiple discs, have all the MP stuff on one disc. I just was curious how it worked. Question still not answered
Cocozero  +   1388d ago
Is this really news? Next story will be about the 15GB install for the PS3 version >_>
turokgames  +   1388d ago
It helps decide if a person wants a PS3, 360 or PC version...PC for discless, Xbox 360 for two and PS3 for one. It is info that helps people decide.
Godmars290  +   1388d ago
And the case could be made that even a first generation PS3 would have had the potential storage capacity while a 1st gen 360 would have needed three or more discs and wouldn't have had an install option at all.

While Sony didn't get the drive speed exactly right and split the PS3's CPU, they really haven't had to make as many changes as MS has done while criticizing the other guy while making those changes.
#4.2 (Edited 1388d ago ) | Agree(19) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
allyc4t  +   1388d ago
Buying it on PC. No discs needed. <3 Steam.
BabyTownFrolics  +   1388d ago
bu..bu...bu.. blu ray
allyc4t  +   1388d ago
That works too!
GamingPerson  +   1388d ago
pc version runs on magic!! no disk! and it comes with copies of max payne 1 , max payne 2 & also max payne 3 dlc free so yeah!
#5.1.2 (Edited 1388d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(1) | Report
Persistantthug  +   1388d ago
Sorry....I prefer a physical collection
When I buy MY stuff, I want the choice of buy, sell, or even trade with my local CRAIGSLIST community.

Because it mine, and therefore, MY option.....
and I like options :)
#5.2 (Edited 1388d ago ) | Agree(22) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
EliteDave93   1388d ago | Trolling | show
BeaArthur  +   1388d ago
I'll still get the 360 version. I just prefer playing games on Live so I'll just live with Disc swapping.
NYC_Gamer  +   1388d ago
Never thought a linear game like MP3 would be 2 disc
ReservoirDog316  +   1388d ago
To be fair, it looks like a monster of a game though.
baodeus  +   1388d ago
I heard it gonna have around 4 hrs of movies/cut scenes of some sort. Maybe they want a better quality cutscene play back than submitting to using that crappy video compression software, like Epic used for Gear of War 3 or SE with FF13.
VanillaBear   1388d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(3)
Eamon  +   1388d ago
A question. Would the second disc be locked by a code?

As in, would you need to buy the game brand new to be able to use the second disc?

If so, that would make the second disc useless to preowned buyers.
ReservoirDog316  +   1388d ago
I'm not too sure they're gonna use online codes. A lot of companies use them nowadays but I don't think I've heard R* will use it.
C0MPUT3R  +   1388d ago
A Linear 3rd Person Shoot on multiple discs, makes me so sad :(
It makes me think about all the bigger open world games & RPGs that got gimped, or
altered because of limited space.
Or the games that didn't even get made because devs thought that it wouldn't even fit
so why bother. :(
cone   1388d ago | Spam
NastyLeftHook0  +   1388d ago
ladies and gentleman...BLURAY!
FarCryLover182  +   1388d ago
Oh well. I can play campaign while I let a buddy play multiplayer :P. Or vice versa lol.
godzilla72  +   1388d ago
Wasnt this the same thing with RAGE? Thats why i always go for the PS3 version. I cant remember the last time i bought a game for my 360!
#14 (Edited 1388d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
KMCROC54  +   1388d ago
Sweet Max Payne ,don't care how many disc nor does it bother me to get off my ass to swap them out .
FarCryLover182  +   1388d ago
Exactly, it's not really a big deal at all. Like really, at all. This gen is almost over and this won't be a problem soon enough.
godzilla72  +   1388d ago
lol, almost over? not even close man. you got a 10 yr life span on the PS3. all these bunk articles about PS4 and 720, dont fall for it. it aint coming anytime soon.
glennco  +   1388d ago
10 year lifespan does not discount a successor before then, it just means the PS3 will be on shelves for than long. they will be sharing that shelf with the PS4 soon enough.

the optical media capacity no longer comes into the argument when both consoles are out of date regardless.
KMCROC54  +   1387d ago
Most of the disagrees must be from lazy people who find the simplest task the hardest.
2pacalypsenow  +   1388d ago
idk Im getting it on Pc it started there for me back in 2001 and it will finish there for me
Rampaged Death  +   1388d ago
Does this mean it might actually have some length to it ? I hope so ;)
Liquid_Ocelot  +   1388d ago
Getting the 'good' out of the 'bad' eh? That's the spirit, good man :)
i3eyond the Circle  +   1388d ago
And then Xbox Live happened and I suddenly don't care.

I play my shooters on Xbox simply put because I like the controls that much and I know there will be more longevity to the life of Max Payne 3's multiplayer on Xbox 360.

Apparently disc swapping isn't a big thing. 4:1 Mass Effect 3 sales tell a different story.
GarandShooter  +   1388d ago
'Apparently disc swapping isn't a big thing. 4:1 Mass Effect 3 sales tell a different story.'

LMFAO. Really? Here I was thinking that the first ME not appearing on the PS3 and ME2 releasing a year later on the PS3 would have been infinitely more relevant to the sales figures.

Thanks for clearing that up for us.
i3eyond the Circle  +   1388d ago
Regardless. For a console that has been "closing the gap" a title like Mass Effect should have garnered better competing numbers with the ps3's install base.

It didn't
DigitalAnalog  +   1388d ago
Judging from the sales figures, the ME universe simply does not appeal to the PS3 fanbase. Many other multi-plats tend to be head on head, the fact that UE3 tends to be inferior on the PS3, along with the incomplete set of the series while giving a demo riddled with bugs and frame-rate issues (that was not addressed in the final version) would immediately point out to the huge sales gap.

That.. and ME3 had to compete with other PS3 exclusives.
#18.2 (Edited 1388d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
GarandShooter  +   1388d ago
'Mass Effect should have garnered better competing numbers with the ps3's install base.'

Based on what? Your conjecture? That just thinking that allows you to feel the 360's superiority? Yeah, I got that one from the 'closing the gap' part.

If you have a similar case to cite as an example, or a bit of market research I'd love to see it. Hell, I'd even be willing to listen to a little logic based on the market. So far you've provided nothing beyond fanboy rhetoric.
mochachino  +   1388d ago
Rockstar games tend to run a bit better on 360 but if they're same this time, I may just have to exchange my pre-order for the PS3 version.
izumo_lee  +   1388d ago
It is unfortunate that Microsoft decided to go against the bluray format or this kind of stuff would not be happening. Cause of their position in the HD gaming era Microsoft has basically handcuffed Sony & the potential of the bluray format.

It would not matter if Microsoft did not be so strict with their 'extra charges' for multiple discs. It is also thanks to this decision to use DVD9 that we have this DLC fiasco that has been happening all to often.
KMCROC54  +   1388d ago
Lucky for MS ,sony's not the only board or company involved with BD tech & member of the BDA.
TBONEJF  +   1388d ago
And this is why PS3 triumph over the Xbox 360 Blue ray can hold up to 25GB - 50GB. Feel sorry for the guys have Xbox that have to switch out their disc.
lategamer  +   1388d ago
Lol. "I feel sorry for guys who have to walk a few feet to change discs. Meanwhile, while my PS3 games have mandatory installs, I'll go make a sandwich"

Gotta love that logic, bring in the disagrees :).
wenaldy  +   1388d ago
Whats the name of cartoon you used as an avatar?
murcielago4  +   1388d ago
SonyNGP  +   1388d ago
I'll stick with the disc-less PC version :3
TBONEJF  +   1388d ago
it's going to EAT UP UR HARD DRIVE
Dovahkiin  +   1387d ago
35gb installed, I heard.
SonyNGP  +   1387d ago
Pfft. I've got 1.5TB of storage on my PC :3
user7792788  +   1388d ago
if anyone says Blu-Rays are useless, bitch please say that again once you have watched Avatar or TDK on a 1080p screen
glennco  +   1388d ago
owning a 360 i have never needed to change a disc mid-game? more n4g fanboy BS just to prove some non-existant point. so i have to change the disc during installation, big deal... next?
mochachino  +   1388d ago
You've never played Mass Effect 2 or 3, have you?
PirateThom  +   1388d ago
You make it sound like it's a massive conspiracy and doesn't happen.
Virus201  +   1387d ago
It does happen with a few games. But the real problem is that some people here on ng4 make the situation out to be as if the world is ending. They think it's so hard to stretch your arm or get up to press the eject button and change disks. The only people that I see complain are the ones who don't have to do it (looking at ps3 gamers). I haven't heard someone complain about it on the 360 side, and the same thing happened with Bf3 and Rage.
PiperMCFierceson   1387d ago | Spam
DJ  +   1388d ago
And this is news how?
PiperMCFierceson   1388d ago | Spam
laid2rest  +   1388d ago
I haven't used multiple discs since wing commander 3 on the first playstation lol.
Young_ART  +   1388d ago
haven't had to "insert Disc [_]" since ps1 days.

lol. blu ray is lame right? wait what format will the next console from microsoft be supporting again? i forgot.
ShaunCameron  +   1388d ago
I'll believe it when Rockstar comes out and confirm it.
BIGBOSS08  +   1387d ago
read it, they already have.
WetN00dle69  +   1388d ago
Am i the only one who could give a rats *** on how many disk it comes with?!?!?! Only lazy people complain.
clarkjudo  +   1387d ago
I do not mind the 2 disks either. It allows me to take a short break and refuel. Which can increase better play performance as a result. While others will most likely not feel their legs after a while and face amputation and or continue to be a dead weight on the coach. And yes, most likely play performance will suffer as well. LOL
#30.1 (Edited 1387d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
WetN00dle69  +   1387d ago
Exactly! No movement at all can also create blood clots.
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