New God of War Video for the PSP

You may think it's a PS2 game

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Hapimeses3904d ago

I'm sold. This'll be added to my collection as soon as it's released.

HeartlesskizZ3904d ago

wow. is games like this that make me mad for not owning a PSP...
it look bloody awsome!!!

Hapimeses3904d ago

Well, you can always buy one. They're pretty cheap for what they can do. I use my PSPs all the time, especially now I have a PS3 -- they work pretty well together.


TheTwelve3904d ago

Dang it...I'm going to have to try and talk myself into liking the God of War series...this is amazing. And it's portable.


HeartlesskizZ3904d ago

i been thinking on getting one but somehow when Im ready to buy one I say...I dont really need one...and back off from it =D

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N4M3L3553904d ago

I would say that was a PS2 game if I didn't know any better.

Hapimeses3904d ago

My thoughts exactly. I'm pretty surprised by how good this game is looking.

Makes me very happy to own a PSP!


Jinxstar3904d ago

looks sweet I might have to go buy a PSP just to play this...

kurochi3904d ago

GOD OF WAR!! KRATOS!!! Dude, that is sufficient enough for me to buy this game when it pops out.

andron6663904d ago

The only thing bugging me is how do you make Kratos evade, as the PSP has no right stick.

Anyone know?

Tyler Durden3904d ago (Edited 3904d ago )

L and R and then dodge with the normal left stick i got the demo today for reserving it

THX71683904d ago (Edited 3904d ago )

andron666: "the PSP has no right stick."
rofldings: "PSP has a stick."

You are correct but so is he.

On the PS2 game you use the left stick to move and the RIGHT stick to evade. His question was not answered by your comment. I wish I could help but I really don't know what the control scheme is for the PSP version. My best guess would be using the Left and Right pads at the top but then that leaves open how to evade forwards and backwards.

UPDATE: There you go. Answered by Tyler Durden. That's what I get for taking so long to type. :-)

Daddy Brooklyn3904d ago

Left and Right shoulder buttons allows him to roll out

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