The 5 Best Sonic Levels

With over 150 levels to choose from, cutting it down to just five proved to be one hell of a task. The spiky blue furball is renowned for his speedy levels, intertwined with a few frustrating moments and whilst this list may not be the best from another point of view, for me, it certainly represents why Sonic is so popular and still so endearing 21 years on. Mario’s levels certainly aren’t as memorable as the myriad of offerings from Sonic games and part of that is down to their unpredictability, speed and downright crazy gameplay. Read on to see whether a 2D game or one of the oft-maligned 3D games grab top spot…

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Bleucrunch1830d ago

I know they can only choose five but I think Oil Ocean in Sonic 2 hands down man...probably the BEST EVER especially the music for that level...Then their is Metropolis in Sonic 2...Then EVERY SINGLE LEVEL in sonic and Knuckles...and of course Sonic Adventure (druling)

NeXXXuS1830d ago

I absolutely LOVE the Chemical Plant zone mainly for the music

Primalfear1830d ago

I always loved the casino level.

deletingthis346753341830d ago

Emerald Hill for me. But I like the Jazz music in Casino Night. Sonic 2 is my favorite in the franchise.

Bleucrunch1830d ago

OOOOOOH I forgot about that level....I absolutely HATED those arrows!

MissAubrey1830d ago (Edited 1830d ago )

but the music, the MUSIC!!! I love this mix between underwater and dryland also.