Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Dev: We Wouldn’t Do DLC Characters

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 producer Tetsuo Harada has revealed to 360 Magazine that his studio would never charge for downloadable characters.

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DaveX3602133d ago

I'd download Gon, if I could.

Gran Touring2133d ago

You do know Gon is already in the game and there's no need to download him...?

Unlimax2133d ago

Another reason to instant buy this game day 1 .. Now That's something promising !

hot4play2133d ago

Agree! This is one of the reasons why Tekken is arguably the greatest fighting game franchise of all time. Kudos to Harada-san and his team!

DarkBlood2133d ago

im not sure about getting this but this is why im looking forward to getting tekken vs street fighter day one unlike the title in reverse

Ashunderfire862133d ago

Wow an honest developer speaks out this lock in disc nonsense!!!! The best thing is that he will never charge us for characters. Good!!! CAPCON!!!! take some notes LOL!!!

2133d ago
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