OXM: Why we're not ready for a download-only Xbox 720

OXM's Edwin gives four reasons against dropping the disc drive.

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Snookies121942d ago

I'll never be ready for any console being digital only... I think that is a horribly stupid idea. I LOVE packaging, it's a part of the experience and when I like a game, I enjoy displaying the case proudly. There are some cases where I don't mind digital if it's super cheap, or there's no other means of obtaining it. Though if I can, even if it costs a bit extra, I will ALWAYS go for a physical copy.

dirigiblebill1942d ago

Indeed, there's something about having something in a box. It's a little bit primal.

Snookies121942d ago

Haha, my inner caveman needs boxes for things.

Dante1121942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

Yeah, if the next MS console is digital (rumor), I wouldn't buy it at all. The PSP Go tried that and failed badly.

TekoIie1942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

PSP Go only had one thing going for it which was portability. I could barely fit the original PSP in my pocket but it was possible with the PSP Go.

Veneno1942d ago

the GO failed cause of it's price. Consoles are supposed to go down in price over time like the PS3 slime with the price cut. But sony were kinda foolish to think they could sell this at a higher price as a premium product when it didn't do anything better than the earlier models of PSP.

NukaCola1942d ago

Digital only would be a real fail. You need a disc drive. I know CDs are about as dead as they come due to MP3s but I still play movies and Blurays in my PS3 and Netflix and Hulu will probably never replace that.

dark-hollow1942d ago

so this, and the fact that they will have full control over the prices which is bad for the consumer.

bumnut1942d ago

I can see your point, but if digital copies were 30% cheaper than physical people would buy them.

Sadly that won't happen because MS are greedy and will charge full price

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Lirky1942d ago

Maybe xbox720 could be like Steam, a client from xbl thatll install dlcs, and full games. And the console shell for 360 will be replaced with a xbox720 shell..

mauleriscool1942d ago

They should just have the digital download released the same day as the disc. That would allow people to choose what they want.

Being a steam user, I'd love to just download all my games. I have a 320gb xbox hard drive and the only thing filling it is all my disc games being installed(and any DLC for those games). Plus moving all my current disc games and xbox back and forth from the university to home would be much easier if it was only the xbox(or even just the hard drive if you somehow had another xbox at home).

Havok1231942d ago

DD ONLY WILL NEVER HAPPEN, EVER..........even if everyone had 100000000000 terabyte download speeds

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