inFamous 3: 6 things we want to change

When Cole and the gang return for a fresh super-powered adventure these are the new things we want to see in inFamous 3.

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Godmars2901794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

A lot of the changes the author wants to see sounds like something they'd have to do on another system.

Though it would be nice to see new protagonist in the inFamous role. Have several who then meet up in one battle-royale title.

Dante1121794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

Yeah, sounds like the making of Infamous on a next gen system. Would be nice to actually going inside of building and cause mayhem.

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Thatguy-3101794d ago

-IMO i think the melee was perfect in Infamous 2. I actually prefer over Batman's and uncharted.
-New hero can be somewhat fun especially if we get to make them. However i have a soft spot for cole so part of me wants to see him back
-ONLINE COOP is a must imo

basilezz30301793d ago

i just want Infamous 3
with the same gameplay from 2

Godmars2901793d ago

Think I'd like to see a new protagonist with new base powers. Someone who doesn't have to deal with an actual world-scaled but still major threat, or has to deal with Cole.

basilezz30301793d ago

you mean like prototype 2 ???
well with SP that would work too
but i really like cole

Godmars2901793d ago

It could be the classic bad guy pits two good guys against each other then sweeping in to take out both, or given inFamous you become the bad guy goodguy Cole has to come in and stop.

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Alcohog1794d ago

Would be nice to see PS4 launch with Infamous 3, Killzone 4, and Uncharted 4.

MariaHelFutura1794d ago

LBP too. LBP is going to benefit more than anything w/ MM having more RAM to work with.

AusRogo1794d ago

Cole is one of my favourite characters in gaming this gen :( but I do agree with better melee combat and co op.. I was thinking thats the only thing id really love to see.

VanillaBear1794d ago

Coles story is far from over...

BoNeSaW231794d ago


How is it not over?
Good karma he dies and bad karma HE becomes the Beast?
Did I miss something or are you talking pre-quell or spin-off ala, Festival of Blood?

I thought his story was over and if they continued infamous it would be with a different protagonist. Personally, I would Love more Cole! :-)

VanillaBear1794d ago

Well first off all in the good ending which the game is most likely to continue from there lightning bolt which strikes the coffin is in the shape of a question mark. It's obvious he isn't dead

Lets not forget that fact that most main characters always stick around for a trilogy, I mean it wouldn't be inFAMOUS without Cole. Hell they went through all the trouble to find a motion cap actor that also sounds like the voice actor from the first game.

Oh and the chances of doing a newn charactern are slim, when they changed Coles appearence when inFAMOUS 2 was announced a lot of people were angry with the new look and Sucker Punch finally changed it, imagune what it would be like after the question mark lightning bolt to have a new character.

BoNeSaW231793d ago

I did not catch that ? In the lightning bolt. That is kinda lame IMO. I was more excited when I was wondering just how the hell are they gonna pull off a infamous 3?

Nathan hale says hi by the way about the trilogy explanation :-)

I think Exgamerlegends below said it best 'all the conduits are dead. Who would Cole have to fight?´

baldulf1794d ago

I would like a deeper story (things started to heat in the last moments of I2, but ended too quickly)

Using another conduits for certain missions would be cool. Like switching to Catwoman in Arkham City.

Other than that the game stays at the top of the genre with ease.

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