Jessica Nigri Teases Pokémon Ash Costume; Gotta Catch ‘Em All!

Jessica Nigri, the official cosplayer for Lollipop Chainsaw is teasing a new cosplay costume. This time round the buxon blonde is trading in her golden locks for darker do, drawing inspiration from the long running Pokémon series.

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Relientk772155d ago

I thought Ash was a guy lol

ATi_Elite2154d ago

Jessica Nigri is hot and all but Ash is a guy!

I guess she went back to the old stand by cause Pokemon Cosplay is what made her famous!

MmaFan-Qc2154d ago

i clicked, ....and i dont give a flying fck about pokemons

TekoIie2154d ago

Ash is like legion from ME3. We will never know what gender it is...

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FinaLXiii2155d ago (Edited 2155d ago )

So cosplaying is now labeled as News interesting...

@n4g_admins stay classy

Afterlife2154d ago

I always try to report these but I missed this one.

Also Ash is anime only so not even game related.

LightofDarkness2154d ago

Funny how you get 9 agrees, and I get nowt but disagrees for making essentially the same point. I suppose mine has been invalidated by the homophobic rant posted directly beneath it.

DragonKnight2154d ago

Not trying to be a grammar nazi but, did you mean to say "i get naught but disagrees?"

yabhero2153d ago (Edited 2153d ago )

N4g has admins? Or do you mean the trolls who disagree good stuff and approve flame bait and stuff like this?

mike1up2154d ago (Edited 2154d ago )

I just got hit with a super effective Rock attack.

LightofDarkness2154d ago

Not news, don't care. Plus, I'm quite sick of seeing this girl's name after the Pax fiasco.

DA_SHREDDER2154d ago (Edited 2154d ago )

Maybe cause you're not attracted to the opposite sex? lol, hey, I'm not insinuating, just some food for thought.


I'm just saying, us heterosexuals can look at a gorgeous girl like Nigri, and appreciate her presence even without having to look past down her chin. I'm married, and even though I subconsciously think about every nasty dirty thing imaginable about this beautiful woman, I don't see why I have to have less Nigri simply cause certain peculiar people have no interest in her? She came from the ground up a nobody, and now she's pretty much the poster child for an upcoming game. So any news about her is as relevant as any gaming article. If you don't like her, then get out of her news comments

Hopefully she's on an issue of playboy, whom which btw, is trying to get into the gaming industry. Cmon Hugh, make it happen! Hahaha

LightofDarkness2154d ago (Edited 2154d ago )

Projecting a bit, are we? I see you still haven't found those ever elusive chromosomes you so desperately need.

Why do gay people bother you so much? You can run and run all you want, but you'll never escape the phalluses in your head, man. Embrace it.

Captain Qwark 92154d ago

yeah your prob solo there, ill take this eye candy between my game news anyday

Hicken2154d ago

First, it's not classified as a "News" piece, the same as any review or "Top 10" list, or any rumor article, for that matter. If you got rid of all that because it wasn't "News," N4G wouldn't have much in the way of content.

Secondly, as DA_SHREDDER already said, you made the effort to come into an article about her to comment. If you honestly don't care, why even bother? Not saying you DO care- like so many people try to spin around- but if you don't, don't waste your time and ours by coming in here and commenting about it.

Third, damn, that girl is sexy! I'd let her hold my pokeballs any day!

... sorry, it had to be done.

Oldman1002153d ago

my caterpie used string shot.

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