World Maps: How Final Fantasy Lost Its Way

An interesting aspect of gaming is its generational quality. There are, at least for now, certain touchstones with which most can identify; key titles from our childhood, when every console had an essential catalog. Few other mediums can offer this, as their libraries are too diffused, their patrons too diverse. Gaming is moving toward this state of maturity as well, but for those of us who were born into the hobby and keep its candle lit today, there are common pillars from which we communicate. Memories of Nintendo properties and of seminal PC games are eminent examples, of course, and while I plan on a Zelda column in the future that will likely bear similarity to this one, what I find most curious at the moment, particularly in the wake of its most recent polarization, is the traditional Japanese RPG, emblemized by by the Final Fantasy series. If you’ll excuse my generalization, I’m inclined to say that virtually everyone agrees that their luster has faded, yet there lacks a clearly defined reason for their deterioration. While many have been asserted, and should be addressed, it remains my opinion that the series owes its decay to the very ground it walks on.

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Snookies122040d ago

Yep, world maps, it would have made the XIII series infinitely better. XIII actually made me have claustrophobia... A game made me experience that with its linearity lol. As much as I loved the characters, and the decent story, moving down a corridor from the beginning of the game to the end is just an on-rail movie really.

jadenkorri2034d ago

westernization of final fantasy was the worst thing to do, i prefer still the turn based style/open world the original final fantasy started with. If they went back to the roots i think they could create a great final fantasy and earn the fans back.

richierich2040d ago

If only SquareEnix would bring back the features that made the PS1 Final Fantasy games so good then Im sure they would have better ratings and better sales figures (sigh)

Mikhail2040d ago

All final fantasy games were always linear but the world map presented an open world for gamers to venture around the fictional world though you are limited to the places you can go (i.e. FF9-many towns/places were block by teh roots of the Iifa tree)

Relientk772039d ago

FF VII, VIII, IX, X you are amazing games

MrWonderful2039d ago

Let hold a moment of silence for past Final Fantasy games...

Skywalker1232039d ago

did I imagine the world map in ff type zero?

Did I imagine many ff games not having them and still being awesome..............

This article is pretty bad

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