Burnout 3 is coming to Xbox Originals

Major Nelson is reporting that the multi-award winning Burnout 3 Takedown wil be available Worldwide (except Japan) on Xbox Originals starting this Monday, January 14th for 1200 points.

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MK_Red3932d ago

Classic, simply classic. The best racer I've ever played. Great news though I still have mine for PS2.

Lygre3932d ago

I've played quite a bit of different racing games on different consoles throughout the years and Burnout 3 isn't exactly my favorite. I would rate PGR3/4, Forza 1/2 and Rallisport Challenge 1/2 way higher.

I liked Burnout 3 for the first hours, but when I was done with the career, I barely touched the game again.

laryforlife3932d ago

how is this not a bigger story right now... this is huge! the best racing last gen game is comming for xbox360 !

MK_Red3932d ago

Agreed. It is definitly best racer of last gen. Hopefully Burnout Paradise becomes this gen's king. Criterion FTW.

mesh13931d ago

cause this is a ps3 troll site and tbh i dont hate the burnout franhcise i dont get it forza 2 is buy far the greatest racing game this gen no game coming out will match it far 3 will be astonishing why i havent played racing games since the 1st grabturismo and only forza 2 made me play it for weeks .

Ri0tSquad3932d ago

I still have this game for Xbox1

Shadow Flare3932d ago

you lucky sons of a...seriously thats good. Thats my favourite burnout, its such an awesome game. Sony needs to bring out some of its ps2 titles. I wonder how big burnout 3 is though, cos most people have the 20gb hard-drive premium 360. Thats alot of room that will be used, and hardly anyone will upgrade their hard-drive

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