PS3 gains ground, Wii vanish, GTA4 & More in 8 Predictions for 08

From YVG:
"Red Rings of Death. 'Ban'hunt. Wii droughts. Last year was a crazy one for gamers, filled with controversies, console wars and more amazing games than we could reasonably afford to play. We've already pointed out some of the coming year's biggest releases, but what else might gamers expect? What unforeseen events will define video games in 08? With the help of some tarot cards, a few unsubstantiated rumors and a time-traveling DeLorean, we summon our inner Nostradamus and present eight possible outcomes for the year ahead."

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MK_Red3965d ago

Another prediction for 2008 could be rise of PC gaming considering the return of 2 PC legends: Fallout and StarCraft along with Will Wright's next masterpiece Spore and Blizzard's next WoW expansion.

Skerj3965d ago

And Clear Sky :D But that'll be a cult game.

moses3965d ago

I'm totally getting clear sky. If it has coop, it'll be the best game of the year :D!

MK_Red3965d ago

True. STALKER: Clear Sky is also another great PC and OMG, let's not forget about BioWare's Dragon Age, their gift for their PC fans :)

PS360WII3965d ago

7. Studies will indicate that violent video games encourage violent behavior, while other studies will indicate that that's a load of rubbish.

haha love it

MK_Red3965d ago

I don't think Wii would vanish, even for a month let alone 6 simply because of big market of casual gamers. Casuals will go crazy for Wii Fit and shortages will make it hotter than Wii itself for the whole year. (But God, I hope I'm wrong)

cmrbe3965d ago

Wii-fit will sell more than mario galaxy and metroid combined.

Greek993965d ago

I think Wii Fit will suck but not flop. Theres million of owners who own a Wii, and dont read reviews. I dont see softcore gamers coming to n4g, gamespot, gametrailers,ign,joystick,and ETC. and read reviews. Doing excersise using a wii?? Thats retarted. Games like these keeps childeren and people from going outside, play sports, make friends and live a life.

I really dont see the point of this game.
This is one of those games where i have to stand up and play. Its BS.

Anyways Ill stop spreading FUD and enjoy this funny video.
Wii Fit Parody.

ChickeyCantor3965d ago

" Theres million of owners who own a Wii, and dont read reviews"

thats why nintendo is making a DEMO channel for viewing trailers and download DS Demo.

killer_trap3965d ago

no system will vanish. everyone of them will at least run it's 4-5 years cycle. and with wii-fit mariokart and smash Bros i think the wii is in for another phenomenal year.

CrazzyMan3965d ago (Edited 3965d ago )

yeah, ps3 will oustell x360 WW, will outsell Total numbers by a little.
BUT, if M$ will do price cut before GTA4 release and Sony won`t.. then who know, how things will go on.

Anyway, for now PS3 is going to have:
3 mln. lead in Japan in 2008 sales alone.
3 mln. lead in Europe in 2008 sales alone.
1 mln. lead in USA in 2008 sales alone.

7 mln. or the difference between ps3 and x360 today.

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The story is too old to be commented.