AT&T and Other ISPs May Be Getting Ready to Filter Copyrighted Material

Bits @ The New York Times
January 8, 2008
By Brad Stone

For the past fifteen years, Internet service providers have acted - to use an old cliche - as wide-open information super-highways, letting data flow uninterrupted and unimpeded between users and the Internet.

But ISPs may be about to embrace a new metaphor: traffic cop.

At a small panel discussion about digital piracy here at NBC's booth on the Consumer Electronics Show floor, representatives from NBC, Microsoft, several digital filtering companies and telecom giant AT&T said the time was right to start filtering for copyrighted content at the network level.

Such filtering for pirated material already occurs on sites like YouTube and Microsoft's Soapbox, and on some university networks.

Network-level filtering means your Internet service provider – Comcast, AT&T, EarthLink, or whoever you send that monthly check to – could soon start sniffing your digital packets, looking for material that infringes on someone's copyright.

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Blademask3912d ago

Does this count for newsgroups?1

Lumbo3912d ago

Use SSL encryption, good usenet providers offer that for free.
Once you use SSL your isp can not snoop into your newsgroup privacy anymore.

ktchong3912d ago

The good time is soon to be OVER!!!

Stumpy Bob3912d ago

Only for people who don't know what their doing.

killer_trap3912d ago

i thought torrent programs already didn't work in the USA?

Charlie26883912d ago

As far as I know they have been systematically taken them down Demonoid is gone, Torrentspy is suppose to work for everybody except the US threats are already filling The Pirate Bay, Isohunter and Mininova among others I wouldn't be surprised it they took them ALL out for the US

but there still tricks to go around that ;)

but...but I know nothing about this sites or have ever visited or made an account...I read it from a forum...yes a forum...from a friend >.> ... <.< ... -_-


Skerj3912d ago (Edited 3912d ago )

Demonoid got taken down by Canada, regardless though this news is bad for some. But you know how it works, here there's a will there's a way. .. It'll bite them in the ass if it doesn't become standardized because then people will move to the ISPs who don't use BS filters. Why can't they use this energy to catch the mofos who trade kiddy porn instead?

PS3n3603912d ago

Those ISP's would lose alot of money if this actually was impossible to get around. It may stop your grandma from getting sexy back but The warez community would get around it within minutes. I suppose the money saved by going dialup I could afford to buy the software. Your choice ISP dudes.

f7ss13912d ago

those site do nothing but harm to the pc gaming industry, how can we expect to get more games like crysis if half the people playing it are playing pirated copies?

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