Japanese Media Keeps Beating Up on Sony

Once upon a time, Sony ruled Japan. Those days are over. Don't believe me? Just look at how the Japanese media keeps turning the Tokyo-based electronics maker into a punching bag.

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ChickeyCantor2194d ago

I like how the chosen picture is in greyscale. Adding the dramatic effect to the title. LOL.

MmaFan-Qc2194d ago

Kotaku? wow, the website still exist?

LaChance2194d ago

Damn ... now the Japanese media is part of the Conspiracy ... oh wait.

Buff10442194d ago

No one stays on top forever. Truth.

mushroomwig2194d ago

Wow, some of those comments are beyond ridiculous. Are you telling me that a 19 year old student really doesn't know what Sony is?

"The hardware features are good, but they sometimes break."

Must be trolling, sure nobody is that stupid?

JBSleek2194d ago

Why not? Journalism is opinion.

Sony isn't the poster child for success anymore. Their products are over-priced and under-perform the competition. This is just how it is.

OmniSlashPT2194d ago

However, Apple is the god of technology. Does your logic also applies to it?

cpayne932194d ago

Part of it really is luck, sometimes a product will just get popular and people will buy it because other people are buying it. Kind of like fads, people move from one thing to the other, sometimes there isn't a logical thought process that goes into some people's decision to buy a product. A big part has to do with advertising though, which Sony could improve on.

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The story is too old to be commented.