3 Ways To Save Sony

Sony has been in some financial trouble lately but all is not lost. There are some ways to turn this around but it is going to take some massive change.

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Moncole2247d ago (Edited 2247d ago )

This article will get a lot of comments

Sony just needs to advertise more in America.

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maniacmayhem2247d ago

Needs more advertising?

How? Sony and playstation are already household names.

they advertise their products enough, besides having a 24 hr station dedicated to Sony I really don't know what more than can do.

jmobley2247d ago

yeah advertising isn't the issue, it is over saturation of other products.

Persistantthug2247d ago

Sony needs to hire them by the truckloads, and Sony needs to get them making a whole network infrastructure that consolidates all of their media catalogues......basically they need to "copy" Apples I-Store as much as possible, and have it integrated with EVERY SINGLE DEVICE THAT THEY MAKE.

As far as the PS4 is concerned, Sony needs to take away or REMOVE PS4's direct control & design AWAY from Japan. Sony of Japan has no business touching or even looking at the PS4's OS or network design. SOJ is not capable or technologically inclined enough anymore....unfortunately.

basilezz30302246d ago (Edited 2246d ago )

sony need to hire you
you better than them
how can i save a cat from a tree
tell me
you know it all don't you ??? /s

Persistantthug2246d ago

Lets just say that if Sony hired me....

They most certainly couldn't do much worse.


clearelite2246d ago

Unfortunately you are correct it seems. The public image of a company and its products is greatly influenced by marketing. This is why some companies can make a killing off of average products for years. Obviously they could work on other areas but without proper "advertising" this supposedly lackluster image won't turn around. Which is funny because we would rarely if ever see articles like this in the first place if sony maintained the right image it seems.

For example. Ps3 is actually very popular here in the us but thei comp has done a great job making them seem less relevant than they really are.

To the "sony doesn't need to market they are a household name" comment:
Sure they don't have to advertise as much, but I still hear people refer to ps3s as xbboxes sometimes and still think xboxx has more games. Why? Advertising mainly.

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AKS2247d ago

The territorial, non-communicative executives and engineers bit is a big problem. Sony's first party game developers are REQUIRED to meet and share tech. They are doing great things by collaborating.

I'd also agree that they need to improve some of their cluttered product lines. They don't need to necessarily make the most high end products, but they do need to put together a better cost/quality value with their TVs, cameras, ect. to be competitive. For example, in the case of their TVs, what do Sony's TVs offer that outshine Samsung or Panasonic? Sony's TVs are neither less expensive nor are they more advanced (I'm well aware of OLEDs; they can be included as a legitimate part of the conversation when it can be delivered at an affordable price). They are good TVs, but what advantages do they demonstrate over the competition.

I'm glad their games division has things straightened out. Hopefully Kaz will take the things that are working and apply them elsewhere in other divisions. I think they'll be OK with the right management decisions.

AllroundGamer2247d ago (Edited 2247d ago )

next article - 3 Ways to save the World...

EverydayGuy2246d ago

1.End the Fed
2.End the Fed
3.End the Fed

BitbyDeath2246d ago (Edited 2246d ago )

Since the worlds problems stem from being over populated i bet you'd find that many do not have the stomach to fix it.

The Romans had a good method tho IMO

Mikhail2247d ago

They should implement their 4 screen/One sony approach to the fullest. They have the hardware, the music/movie/video game companies in their grasp. They should stop infighting with one another and make a hit product. Well, the Japanese government would help them anyway so that is a plus.

M83_2246d ago (Edited 2246d ago )

Fire their crap marketing team. Build a new one and advertise WAY more!
Apple would never have gotten so big if it weren't for their marketing team.
Sony have the great products, they just need the advertisement to back it up.

That, along with a more competitive price point would get Sony rolling again.

Mustang300C20122246d ago (Edited 2246d ago )

Do any of you read? Advertising is not going to save the damn company. marketing alone isn't what got Apple or MS or Samsung in the position they are today. Marketing cost money and some of you keep throwing out one thing or another about what is going to work for them worldwide. Sony has already stated what they need to fix. They just need to actually execute and no amount of marketing is going to sale their 30 different models for a tv. The problems are not marketing. You and others sound like Sony just came on the scene in 1995. They know how to market they just can't AFFORD the type of marketing you expect them to do. Their products simply don't have the appeal like it used too.

pacpunk2246d ago

advertising isn't the problem . you would know that if you read the article

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