First Black Ops 2 Killstreak Revealed? - Prototype Quadrotor with Machine Gun

MP1st - Last night, Activision updated the official Call of Duty site with a countdown to the world reveal of the next Call of Duty on May 1st. Among the intel posted on the site, there's a distorted image that MP1st reader, Feraltomahawk, cleaned up to see more clearly. The images shows a quadrotor, or quadrocopter.

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Mister_V2223d ago

This thing is scary IRL. Might be annoying in-game, but I guess we'll see.

turokgames2223d ago

You don't mess with that.

TekoIie2223d ago

If its similar to the drone in GRFS im going to sh*t myself :S

matt19912223d ago

Yea in GRFS that thing is so annoying.

shackdaddy2223d ago (Edited 2223d ago )

Were quadrotors even in the cold war? That sounds more like a modern warfare thing...

Anyways, I really hope its not oped. Imagine people camping in a tree with that thing.

ZeroX98762223d ago

imagine killing campers with that thing! want to camp? eat this!

I saw the **leaked** perks earlier. If they're real, then CoD won't play the same anymore.

AdmiralSnake2223d ago

If they want to get rid of campers, or promote it less. Most of the maps need a variety of space, MW3 just had TOO MANY corners, literally I feel claustrophobic playing the maps. Always bumping into some crap.

Maps don't need to be huge, however BLOPS had great maps that were small and lack not many hiding place. Nuketown was a map where you could die anywhere, no matter how hard you camp.

TekoIie2223d ago

@Admiral snake

When the GRFS beta goes public you will demand maps like that in COD. So many flanking spots to every potential camping area. Its so hard to hold a position compared to other shooters i've played.

Kran2223d ago

Well... its possible the BO franchise could be taking a time leap again.

WaW - 1940's.

BLOPS - 1960's ish.

Eclipse/BLOPS2 - 1980's/1990's?

shackdaddy2223d ago

I hope it's still in the Cold War. I liked that whole Red Scare vibe (A lot more than the modern Russian vs. US thing that BF and MW do).

Sgt_Slaughter2223d ago

FPS Russia said this thing will not be officially out until like 10-15 years have past so BlOps 2 might be taking place around 2030.

ginsunuva2223d ago

Half the items in Black Ops didnt exist. They made up some excuse like "oh yeah only teh elitez black operations soldiers got to secretly use them".

2223d ago
Hufandpuf2223d ago

Fake and clearly paid for by Activision as a promotion for BLOPS 2. FPS Russia sold out.

DeadSpaced2223d ago

Exactly what part of that was fake?

Hufandpuf2223d ago

Theres no shadow of the uav at the beginning, and the gun sounds dont match up with the muzzle flashes. Also he usually records in georgia, but judging from the location there are no mountains in georgia. He's actually near LA where Activision HQ is.