Editorial - Why PC Gaming Is Dying

Ben Dutka writes, "It's a common topic these days, and always subject to much debate. For the longest time, I refused to believe PC gaming really was dying, primarily because some of my finest interactive experiences as a child came from my old Tandy/IBM. I distinctly recall the good ol' days of text adventures (shut up, they were great), Hero's Quest, Earl Weaver's Baseball, Ms. Pac-Man and more. Later, in college, I had a blast playing the likes of Diablo, Heroes of Might and Magic III, Baldurs Gate 2, Icewindale and Unreal Tournament with a bunch of friends. Therefore, in no way would I ever want to come to the conclusion that PC gaming is dying. If I do that, it feels as if a part of me would die along with it. But unfortunately, the time has come: it is dying, and I have to come to terms with it."

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Kakkoii3968d ago

PC Gaming won't ever die.

Because PC Gaming is more open then Console gaming. It's more free (in the Literal and non-literal sense).

It also brings better online gameplay then a console game ever can. So much more customizable for many games also.

I think PC Gaming has just hit a low. But with the way recent technology has been advancing so fast, I believe PC gaming will come back more then ever in a few years.

Statix3967d ago

More than ever? More than ever my ass. Idealistic PC fanboys always act like the future is bright for PC gaming. But maybe the reality is that it's going to continue its current downward trend for a long time (as long as consoles continue to thrive, which is going to be a long time).

Kakkoii3967d ago

UH news flash.. Consoles have thrived for years and years. Not much has changed in that area, Just better technology in the consoles, just like computers.

And i'm not a Fanboy of anythings. Why can't we have PC's and consoles? Although it would be nice if only one was chosen. Just one gaming Console. Having 3 different gaming consoles just complicates the gaming industry. Things could be so much better if it was only one console.

Imagine.. One console. All games would be for it. Oh dreams... Wish they could come true.

mistertwoturbo3967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

"Imagine.. One console. All games would be for it. Oh dreams... Wish they could come true. "

No. A one console market means they can put any price on the game they're selling. Think about if Microsoft was the only game company. They'd probably charge $100 a game. And secondly the games would be pure crap cause there's no competition.

Fact is, competition is what brings quality results. With one company always trying to out do each other, better products come out for the consumer.

So a 3 console market is great. Microsoft tries to out do Sony. Sony tries to out do Microsoft. The unfortunate thing is that PC gaming is on the low list of priorities due to big money being made in consoles.

And you have to look at the reason why PC gaming was big in the first place. It was the only thing that had online play, graphics that were beyond any console on the market, even with a medium grade not too expensive PC.

Now a days, the gap has closen. The consoles have online play. And free online play just like PCs from the PSN side. Why pay $2000 for a PC gaming rig to play something like Crysis (which is perhaps the only game that truely is only possible on a high end PC) or drop $300-500 on a 360 or PS3 that you can play on a huge HDTV on your bed or couch, with comparable graphics and a bigger library of games. And not to mention console exclusives like Halo 3, Mass Effect, MGS4, GT5, Forza 2, etc. etc.

By PS4 and XBOX720, PC gaming will be dead. hate to say it. keep in mind i was actually a PC gamer beforehand since good ol Unreal 2k3, counterstrike, starcraft, etc.

Gorgon3967d ago

Of course there would be co,petition even with just one console. Sony doesn´t make all games for PS3 just like MS Game Studios does not make all games for Xbox. There are a lot of third parties, more than first party titles, and they compete with each other.

One console basically means one OS. That never brought PC games with its Windows OS to 100 bucks, did it?

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Clinton5143967d ago

Calling Half Life 2 bland. That itself is a joke to me even if it's just his opinion.

Lotto3967d ago

Yeah thats so focked op. Also he compares it to Uncharted.... HL2 is 4 years old game but not only that they started working on it in 1999 wheres Uncharted come out a few months ago and they started 2years ago

Sources (Untrust worthy source I know but it was the best I could find in a limted amount of time)

ichimaru3967d ago

pc gaming is here to stay. i'm all for console gaming, but as i stated before i'm a realist

Shaka2K63967d ago

Its os windows that sucks and its true that theres more fun PC games coming out this year then wii and x 3rd60 combined.

but with games like Unreal 3 which was one of my favorite for Pc,now on PS3 cheaper with K/M support and mods woohooo, PC becomes useless.

Mr Tretton3967d ago

Pirating is definetly putting a big hurt on that industry. That can't be ignored.

Lotto3967d ago

Got any sources for that or are you just saying sh!t ?

jorellpogi3967d ago

The preponderance of piracy in China and the rest of Asia is alarming. Piracy is everywhere!

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