This Week’s ‘Huge’ PS3 Reveal May Not Be What You Think

GameTrailers TV host Geoff Keighley’s weekend announcement that a ‘huge’ PS3 exclusive will be unveiled this week has caused a stir among PlayStation owners.

With the news that the mystery game could be the rumored Super Smash Bros-type PlayStation title being developed by the California studio, Superbot Entertainment, fresh evidence seems to contradict this possibility.

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ritsuka6662004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )

Not sure if it needed sequel after biggest disapointment Killzone 3 compared masterpiece Killzone 2....

DigitalAnalog2004d ago

Clearly the game isn't done. However, I'd rather they save the franchise to the PS4 as they may "rush" the game like KZ3.

SSM and ND are already trying to split development teams since they've already built the engine foundations allowing more flexibility introducing new IP's to their engines. I'm hoping we can see what KZ engine could do other than your standard shooter.

Soldierone2003d ago

I'd buy it, not going to lie. I hope it's polished like KZ2, but either way I love Killzone.

I don't think it is KZ though. It will be something expected but still surprising. Syphon Filter maybe?

I think Sony is best saving their "Smash Bros" game for E3. Why? Well the positive is the fans will explode in excitement since its been wanted for a while. The haters will just break headlines with "sony copied Nintendo" both ways are a win for Sony since a single game will be overshadowing the entire E3. Since I know for a fact Sony isn't going to announce PS4 before MS announces a new xbox.

cjflora2003d ago

It wasn't even just the "cliffhanger" ending. The game just didn't feel finished. After the spaceship sequence was over and I realized that the game had ended I was so confused. It didn't feel like it the game play should have ended like that.

ritsuka6662003d ago (Edited 2003d ago )

he only thing that I can say for sure is, KZ4 won't be a day one pickup for me. and if it's another KZ3 style game, I would say another great developer is dead like zipper interactive..=/ i really hope GG hear the vets of killzone 2... =/

Fylus2003d ago

@cjflora, while I agree that the final playable part of the game( spaceship sequence) could definitely have been better, the cliffhanger ending after the credits definitely has me anticipated for the next game. I think it was the real Scholar Visari who was in that evac shuttle that crashed in Helgahn. So many unanswered questions.

LOGICWINS2003d ago

Besides the lack of clan support features that KZ2 had, I don't see what peoples beef with KZ3 is. KZ3+Move+Sharpshooter = the most immersive first person shooting experience on the PS3(IMO).

Army_of_Darkness2003d ago

another great developer dead like Zipper?!?! LMAO! Zipper was crap bro! Don't even use GG in the same sentence as them!

Anyhow, I thought KZ3 was awesome! love it with the move especially.

jimbobwahey2003d ago


My disappointment with KZ3 can be summarized with the following points:

1) The interface was worse. KZ2 had a nice clan system, server browser and even the respawn screen (with camera showing the area surrounding it) was excellent. In KZ3 it's not even obvious when someone on your team captures a spawn point, you have to scroll through the menu which is very unintuitive.

2) The spawn system is a nice idea that unfortunately works terribly. Once a team captures the spawn points and gets map domination it's basically impossible to pull things back given the map design. It worked better in KZ2 with spawn grenades which allowed one person who broke through the lines to help out the team. The system in KZ3 is just terribly broken.

3) KZ3 is really unbalanced too. The expansion of abilities for different classes is nice, but it causes problems. Take for example the sniper that can go invisible, which becomes completely broken when having the ability upgraded. Combine this with terrible map design that funnels people down very narrow corridoors (the scrapyard map for example) and it just becomes terribly frustrating and not at all enjoyable.

4) Map design on the whole was pretty bad, and nowhere near as good as what we saw in KZ2. This can be explained since it was reported the lead map designer for KZ2 left after they shipped the game, but it's still disappointing to see maps that are designed so poorly. A good example is the generator map with the spawns only accessible by jetpacks, what were they thinking?!

5) Other minor niggles such as the drop in playercount from 32 to 24 players and Operations mode not being fleshed out etc.

Don't get me wrong, they had some nice ideas and introducing the jetpack and mech to multiplayer was awesome, but there was so many terrible design choices that overall the game was a huuuuuuuuuuuge step back from KZ2.

I'm personally hoping that if they make a KZ4 they revert the game back to the style of KZ2. I'd also like to see power weapons as pickups in the level like we saw with KZ2 (the flamethrower and boltgun) which really spiced things up and were great fun.

Outside_ofthe_Box2003d ago

The main issue with KZ3 is the Multiplayer. Yes, the story of the single player for KZ3 wasn't anything to cheer about, but neither was KZ2's.

Overall KZ3 was dumbed down:

-You regenerate health fully. In KZ2 you only regenerated health partially and needed health packs to get full health

-The recoil/bullet spread/bullet deviation and accuracy of the guns resembled CoD. In KZ2 there was a good amount of recoil that required you to shoot in bursts instead of spray. This leads to the next one...

-Because of the increase in accuracy and less recoil/bullet spread/bullet deviation in guns, people died fast like in CoD. In KZ2 people did not die as fast which required you to keep a steady aim on your target for a longer amount of time.

-They reduced the amount of variables taken into consideration when calculating bullet damage. In KZ2 is was 24. In KZ3 it's 7.

-The classes are unbalanced. While KZ2's classes weren't perfectly balanced it was more balanced than KZ3's. KZ3 has the over powered marksman that can't be detected and has an assualt rifle... the overpower infiltrator with an over powered shotgun, taction has a wallhax, and the medic has a bot flying around protecting him. In KZ2 the only truly over powered class was the assault class and that was mainly because it had boost which increased his speed.

-Tactical Spawn Points is a dumbed down version of Spawn Grenades. Spawn Grenades required tactical placement while TSPs are just a capture and hold game...

-KZ3 has match making which is dumbed down from the custom games KZ2 had. Guerrilla Games' reasoning for removing custom games was that "people couldn't read server lists" ._.

-The removal of server lists also led to no custom clan matches.

-KZ3 also has a lot of removed features from KZ2 such as: Only 24 players in a match instead of 32, No Squad Leader Spawning, No weekly honor rankings, etc.

I could on and on. I and many others have been making lists like these on the Killzone Forum since the KZ3 PS+ beta back in October 2010.

-Alpha2003d ago

^ You're right about K3 going the wrong way, but I really want a Killzone 4 as I want a proper sequel to K2's MP.

But, I'd much rather they save K4 for PS4, it makes more sense.

F7U122003d ago

I would love another KZ game...please please be true!

gaffyh2003d ago

Well it says it was in London, but only Media Molecule are actually in London. GG is from Holland and Quantic are from France, so unless there was like a PlayStation day in London, it seems unlikely it was them.

Knushwood Butt2003d ago

'-The classes are unbalanced. While KZ2's classes weren't perfectly balanced it was more balanced than KZ3's. KZ3 has the over powered marksman that can't be detected and has an assualt rifle... the overpower infiltrator with an over powered shotgun, taction has a wallhax, and the medic has a bot flying around protecting him. In KZ2 the only truly over powered class was the assault class and that was mainly because it had boost which increased his speed. '.

Erm, I think you listed almost all classes there..

I play (ed) with Move, and I think the reticule changes red when placed over an enemy - even a cloaked Marksman. Was always great to blow them away.

Outside_ofthe_Box2003d ago (Edited 2003d ago )

***"Erm, I think you listed almost all classes there..

I play (ed) with Move, and I think the reticule changes red when placed over an enemy - even a cloaked Marksman. Was always great to blow them away."***

Erm, yeah, every class in KZ3 has has something overpowered about it except for the engineer. And please don't spout that "if all classes are overpowered then they are all balanced" nonsense because some class are FAR more over powered than others.

The reticule only turns red when it is TOO late as far as infiltrators are concerned. If you see an infiltrator at a distance your reticule will not turn red until the infiltrator is close enough and at that point the infiltrator will be close enough to blow you away with his overpowered shotty.

As for the marksmen, yes it turns red, but you would have to know that the marksmen was there IN THE FIRST place. Yes I know your radar gets disrupted when you are near one, but you don't know exactly where he is. If the marksmen is camping, he'll kill you while you try to scan the room with your reticule. In all honestly they should have left the sniper the way it was in KZ2. In KZ2, a sniper's worst enemy was another sniper. In KZ3, there is no direct counter to a cloaked sniper with the radar jam.

Schobeleth2003d ago

It's the Superbot game:

Gametrailers blatantly says it is too. SO EXCITED!!!!!!

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cpayne932003d ago (Edited 2003d ago )

Why wouldn't you want to give them the chance to go back to the roots of Killzone 2 then? I agree with DigitalAnalog though, it would be better if they saved the franchise for the ps4. That said, I thought Killzone 3 was a great game, though not as amazing as Killzone 2. There are only a few shooters I have been able to get into online this gen, and those are Killzone 2-3, Bad Company 2, Halo 3, and Reach. Everything else was just kinda meh to me.

Edit: Aren't Guerilla Games also working on a new IP?

TooTall192003d ago

They are rumored to be working on 3 games.

DeadlyFire2003d ago


I am hoping the reveal is QD's next project as their PS3 tech demo was to show off PS3 graphics. So its very likely that engine will be used on PS3 for some sort of game by them. Hoping it gets talked about this week. :)

MySwordIsHeavenly2003d ago

Killzone 3 took what Killzone 2 did and made it ten times better. It gave us an actually STORY, tweaked the less-than-perfect mechanics of 2, and streamlined the online into something much more balanced.

I honestly don't get why some people prefer 2.

cpayne932003d ago (Edited 2003d ago )

Er, I really liked Killzone 3 but I gotta disagree with you there. The storyline was good on the Helghast side, but horribly implemented on the ISA side. They were trapped on Helghan, but you never got that sense of desperation, it was just like f*** yeah let's kill everybody. Killzone 2 showed how chaotic and horrible war can be, just look at the opening cutscene, but it was like Killzone 3 was trying to be the A-team or something. The presentation quality dropped in the cutscenes, and the voice acting was horrible.

I was expecting more from the story for Killzone 3. In Killzone 2, Rico loses his best friend, gets Garza killed because he's so hotheaded, and killed the Visari, again, because he's such a hothead. How is he not effected by this in Killzone 3? I can't imagine anyone not at least have some sort of emotional trauma from that, but no, he's making jokes and laughing throughout the whole game! The characters show no sign of human weakness, Rico and Sev constantly almost get hurt but are always ok. Heck Sev falls like 30 feet through the air onto a metal platform from a jetack, then smashed into a jagged rock wall by thousands of pounds of water, AND HE IS COMPLETELY FINE. It was stupid. The characters are all one dimensional, and sometimes just plain unlikeable. They weren't much better in K2, but they were a little bit.

I can understand why you would like the aiming of Killzone 3 better, but the guns felt less varied than Killzone 2. Also, the online still has some balancing issues, sentry drones take too many bullets to kill and the turrets should not have freaking rocket launchers. Also, the infiltrator and marksmen classes are overpowered.

Killzone 3 did a lot right, but it took some steps back from Killzone 2 imo.

MastaMold2003d ago

@ MySwordIsHeavenly, i agree with you 100% but i do hope Sony saves Killzone 4 for PS4

andibandit2003d ago

My god SONY, even more exclusives, let my wallet recover.

noprin2003d ago

in my opinion Killzone 3 was way better than killzone 2

Drabent2003d ago

agreed....ffxiv yes plz~

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Hellsvacancy2004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )

R* hav a studio in london, maybe we'll see some Agent

Da_Evil_Monkey2003d ago

Agent was being developed by Rockstar North based in Edinburgh. However it's still possible that they went down to London or changed it to their London studio. I hope it's Agent, haven't heard much in a while.

PirateThom2003d ago

Media Molecule are nearby, in Surry... but Quantic Dream are based in France and Guerilla are based in Amsterdam.

You know who is based in London though? SCE London Studio... they were working on The Getaway and Eight Days before they were put on hold, but also a Move Action Game.


clank5432003d ago

Or a new Wipeout from SCE Liverpool. I WANT A NEW WIPEOUT!!!!

KingofGambling2003d ago

I'm hoping that The Getaway and Eight Days make a comeback if not let them appear on the PS4.

Kingscorpion19812003d ago

Its Syphon Filter mark my words!!

Kingscorpion19812003d ago

Lol, I'm just going by the rumors back in mid January about Syphon Filter and God of War!

TooTall192003d ago

The Getaway mark my words!

Liquid_Ocelot2003d ago

I'm still waiting for that game :'( ..The Getaway was and will always be the best

GribbleGrunger2003d ago

Getaway was great, but it fell short when you had finished the main story sections. there just wasn't enough to keep you playing afterwards

mcstorm2003d ago

i hope this is true i loved syphon filter on the psx. one thing i would like tosee sony do is give us some full psv\ps3 cross platforn where no matter what console your on you can play onlive with each other. Some thing like lbp karting ect as to me this is my biggest let down on my vita and ps3 is i play less mp on them than on my 360 and 3ds even though some of the sp games i have on it i love ide still like to see more mp.

sly-Famous2003d ago

I am marking, I am marking. *Homer Simpson whisper* you had better be right.

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Kran2003d ago

*coughcough* dont forget Ninja Theory who are in Cambridge.

I mean I know they're with DMC right now, but whos to say they aint working on HS2 or something?

Kingscorpion19812003d ago

I would love to see HS2 but do you remember the rumor back in January about God of war and Syphon Filter?? God of war was announce already.

Nodoze2003d ago

No more Ninja Theory. Please. They trashed Sony stating they held them back, they didn't provide enough support, they didn't break even etc. Then they went on to make Enslaved (currently on clearance for 9 bux).

Goes to show it certainly was not Sony holding them back. After they flop with DMC I cannot wait to see what they say.

MySwordIsHeavenly2003d ago


Have you actually played Enslaved?

Most people trash it without ever playing it...or just playing the demo. It's a fantastic game!

GoldenAge2003d ago



Jumping to conclusions much, he mentions how NT failed with Enslaved more so than they did with Heavenly Sword. You immediately took it as a slight at the quality when the failure that is most likely being pointed is the fact that it didn't sell when their original excuse with HS is that Sony and exclusivity were holding them back.

Now they're handling a game with an established name already to counter their excuse with Enslaved about New IP's and if that fails the point to consider is what excuse will they make then should DmC flop.

cjflora2003d ago

Ninja Theory is done with Heavenly Sword. Sony still owns it though, so if there ever is a new one it won't be Ninja Theory making it.

zero_cool2003d ago

Personally i don't care who makes heavenly sword 2 as long as it turns out good.

Cheers Gamers & Happy Gaming!