The Legend of Zelda Music Appears in New R&B Song

R&B trio SWV has shown their appreciation for The Legend of Zelda in their new track “I Missed Us” from their upcoming album of the same name. The group used a sample from the Zelda Menu Theme found in every installment in the series to date. They even add their own charm to the theme, mixing in the violin, keyboard and a flowing beat. Amazingly enough, this classic composition plays in the background for the whole song, and the ladies’ vocals perfectly accompany this classic Zelda tune to create a perfect blend of video game and R&B bliss.

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mike1up1980d ago

Im not a big SWV fan, but it is very hard to smile when you hear it. Very cool, and great find.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr31980d ago

Didn't even know they were still making music. I loved their old stuff, idk about this, it's ok I guess. Autotune is way overused nowadays.

Persistantthug1980d ago

Funny thing is, practically everyone says the same thing....
yet artist and engineers continue to keep on abusing it.

Maybe this is the sign of how when people first start getting old.....but I just don't get it.

iceman061980d ago

The sad thing is that they could actually sing back in the day. This looks like an example of some record exec saying that they have to have autotune to be relevant in today's industry...OR...maybe they just lost their chops over the years.

AWBrawler1980d ago

I love Zelda. SWV not so much

Tommy3341980d ago

im a 90s head I miss 90s Hip Hop and R&B SWV was one of my favorite groups. I like this song.