Hunt, Kill, Become: When Prototype 2 launches, Heller's trail of vengeance begins

El33tonline writes:

"When Activision and developer Radical Entertainment made their debut announcement of Prototype 2 with 2010’s gripping Spike VGA trailer, we were shocked to discover that previous hero Alex Mercer wouldn’t star in the next edition of this open-world action adventure series.

As time has gone on, however, we’ve learned exactly why Mercer has been replaced by one Sergeant James Heller as lead protagonist… and we’ve also discovered why Mercer can’t be considered the ‘hero’ he once was made out to be.

Prototype 2 launches around the world tomorrow, April 24th, and when the game hits store shelves, Heller’s quest for vengeance will begin as he hunts, kills and becomes the monster he needs to be in order to destroy Mercer once and for all.

Join us as we take a look at the reveals leading up to this point in Heller’s journey and look forward to the carnage to come!"

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