Monster Hunter Frontier: Where Art Thou?

From the Capcom US blog: "In our Western Capcom offices, we are often asked for a status update on the possibilities of Monster Hunter Frontier (an online PC multiplayer version of our popular Monster Hunter series) coming to our territories and to this point, we've been somewhat vague in our answers."

"Now, all of that said, does that mean Frontier isn't coming Westward some day? No, it doesn't. I've always said we'd be revisiting those decisions in 2008 (and the ultimate decision could wind up being to 'talk about it again in 2009 if things aren't aligned properly in 2008'). If we're just making a decision about potentially committing resources in 2008, even if it does happen it's far enough away that you probably don't need to be thinking about it any time soon.On top of all of this, there's the overarching brand strategy to consider.

We need to grow the Monster Hunter brand on other platforms in the West before there's a proper audience for Frontier here."

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BubblesDAVERAGE3989d ago

I love the psp version and the ps2 and they arent online