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There comes a point while playing Prototype 2 when you realize the marketing campaign was a lie. The Homecoming trailer weaves this heart wrenching story of a solider who told his family to trust the government and how it cost them their lives. With that pain, Sgt. James Heller becomes a relatable character and we want to see him use his superpowers to exact revenge on those responsible. But that motivation is lost when the game starts and Heller begins shoehorning curse words into every other sentence. The emotional connection to our protagonist is severed. Heller becomes an angry caricature, and Prototype 2 becomes an enjoyable but predictable action title.

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Super_ike2188d ago (Edited 2188d ago )

i hope this doesn't discourage anyone...7 is a very good score, i have the game and I'm having a blast!

jimbobwahey2188d ago

It's kinda weird watching the video review because the guy talking sounds really super excited as he talks, even though he's saying the game isn't that great. Really bizarre narration!

Anyways as for me, I'm one of the people that preferred Infamous over Prototype but with the sequel finally here I've gotta say I'm actually really excited for it. The main appeal for me is just the absolute chaos in the game and it kinda seems like they'd have been better served showing how over the top and action-filled the game is rather than trying to promote a supposedly deep story that isn't there.

I mean don't get me wrong, it's nice if a game has a decent story but every now and then it's nice to just have something mindless that's filled with chaos isn't it? It's something I appreciated about Bulletstorm as well, but unfortunately the majority of games developers these days take the story of a game way too seriously. To be honest I wish reviewers didn't focus on it so much. Gameplay is the most important aspect of any videogame in my eyes, story shouldn't really factor so heavily into review scores in my opinion.

TruthSeeker2188d ago

Yeah Prototype is all about over the top action, not story.

Fylus2188d ago

A good story helps though... I'll probably miss this one in this case.

rjdofu2188d ago

Well, it's just Greg Miller being... Greg Miller, what do u expect from him?

Pushagree2188d ago

Like i'm really going to play this game for relatable characters and deep story elements. Prototype is about one thing:Killing in the most gorish way possible. Reviewers need to get thier priorities straight when reviewing games. Focus on what the game's center focus is. Prototype is clearly NOT about a deep stroy mode.

Septic2187d ago

Yeah people shouldn't really be discouraged by the score, especially if they are fans of the original. It appears to be more of the same so if you enjoyed the last game, you'll enjoy this one.

Off-topic: Good to see more Breaking Bad fans! Heisenberg ftw! All my friends watch it now. Legendary programme.

Super_ike2187d ago

lol thnx man, such a great show!

Abash2188d ago

It got a 7, not a 7.5.

Emilio_Estevez2188d ago (Edited 2188d ago )

Fixed, thanks for the heads up!

Rampaged Death2188d ago

Sounds like more of the same which I didn't like at all.

criticalkare2188d ago

I've enjoyed first one and I know I will enjoy this one as well :)

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