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Prototype 2 Review - IGN


There comes a point while playing Prototype 2 when you realize the marketing campaign was a lie. The Homecoming trailer weaves this heart wrenching story of a solider who told his family to trust the government and how it cost them their lives. With that pain, Sgt. James Heller becomes a relatable character and we want to see him use his superpowers to exact revenge on those responsible. But that motivation is lost when the game starts and Heller begins shoehorning curse words into every other sentence. The emotional connection to our protagonist is severed. Heller becomes an angry caricature, and Prototype 2 becomes an enjoyable but predictable action title. (PC, Prototype 2, PS3, Xbox 360) 7/10

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Titanz  +   1225d ago
andibandit  +   1224d ago
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Super_ike  +   1225d ago
i hope this doesn't discourage anyone...7 is a very good score, i have the game and I'm having a blast!
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jimbobwahey  +   1225d ago
It's kinda weird watching the video review because the guy talking sounds really super excited as he talks, even though he's saying the game isn't that great. Really bizarre narration!

Anyways as for me, I'm one of the people that preferred Infamous over Prototype but with the sequel finally here I've gotta say I'm actually really excited for it. The main appeal for me is just the absolute chaos in the game and it kinda seems like they'd have been better served showing how over the top and action-filled the game is rather than trying to promote a supposedly deep story that isn't there.

I mean don't get me wrong, it's nice if a game has a decent story but every now and then it's nice to just have something mindless that's filled with chaos isn't it? It's something I appreciated about Bulletstorm as well, but unfortunately the majority of games developers these days take the story of a game way too seriously. To be honest I wish reviewers didn't focus on it so much. Gameplay is the most important aspect of any videogame in my eyes, story shouldn't really factor so heavily into review scores in my opinion.
TruthSeeker  +   1225d ago
Yeah Prototype is all about over the top action, not story.
Fylus  +   1225d ago
A good story helps though... I'll probably miss this one in this case.
rjdofu  +   1224d ago
Well, it's just Greg Miller being... Greg Miller, what do u expect from him?
Pushagree  +   1225d ago
Like i'm really going to play this game for relatable characters and deep story elements. Prototype is about one thing:Killing in the most gorish way possible. Reviewers need to get thier priorities straight when reviewing games. Focus on what the game's center focus is. Prototype is clearly NOT about a deep stroy mode.
Septic  +   1224d ago
Yeah people shouldn't really be discouraged by the score, especially if they are fans of the original. It appears to be more of the same so if you enjoyed the last game, you'll enjoy this one.

Off-topic: Good to see more Breaking Bad fans! Heisenberg ftw! All my friends watch it now. Legendary programme.
Super_ike  +   1224d ago
lol thnx man, such a great show!
Abash  +   1225d ago
It got a 7, not a 7.5.
Emilio_Estevez  +   1225d ago
Fixed, thanks for the heads up!
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Rampaged Death  +   1225d ago
Sounds like more of the same which I didn't like at all.
criticalkare  +   1225d ago
I've enjoyed first one and I know I will enjoy this one as well :)
WeskerChildReborned  +   1225d ago
Hmm about 7 other reviewers gave it a 8-10 or a 4-5 so i think i'll just trust them cause IGN has a past of poor reviewing.
Afterlife  +   1225d ago
I read the review and it does sound mediocre. Recycled animations, stupid main chracter, bad graphics and the games missions are repetitive.
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C0MPUT3R  +   1225d ago
inFAMOUS > Prototype
ElementX  +   1225d ago
Apples and oranges...
MySwordIsHeavenly  +   1225d ago
Well, I'm kind of torn on this one. When they came out, I played both games. Obviously, inFamous was a better game. I'm not sure anyone who has played both would deny that. I didn't really enjoy Prototype BECAUSE of how good inFamous was.

Fast forward a year...and I decide to try Prototype again. It was SO FUN! Seriously...I loved it. It had a fun factor that few games this generation have...like Just Cause 2 or inFamous 1/2.

Then, inFamous 2 came out...and blew my mind. One of the best games this generation!

I will definitely try out Prototype 2 soon. I'm just hoping it's as fun as the first.
iceman06  +   1225d ago
I actually had your experience in reverse. I played Prototype like a mad man for the first week or so. I had Infamous just sitting around. When I finally tired of repeating the same thing over and over with Prototype, I put in Infamous and didn't return. I like Prototype for what it was. However, I LOVED Infamous. That being said, I am about to tackle Infamous 2 soon. I have had it forever, but just haven't had the time to sink into it. Gotta give it it's just due!
sorceror171  +   1225d ago
MySwordIsHeavenly - I agree with Just Cause 2. Just plain fun to mess around in. On the other hand, it's possible to get through it while minimizing civilian casualties. That doesn't seem to be the case for Prototype 1/2. I just don't see the fun in slaughtering innocents... though clearly there are people out there who can. :)
humbleopinion  +   1224d ago
Just Cause 2 is another level IMO, it's my favorite open world game when it comes to just causing mayhem and having fun, probably followed by Saints Row 3 and Crackdown (especially in co-op).
Marquis_de_Sade  +   1224d ago
I disagree, I have invested time into inFamous but I just find it a depressing and dull game to play.
time2die  +   1225d ago
Typical ign,they hype a game to death then give it mediocre marks once at the review stage.

I have seen ign over the years preview games and tell us how wonderful these games are only to rip them to shreds once they review it.
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redDevil87  +   1225d ago
IF they don't hype developers games to death, publishers and devs will stop giving them early access and exclusive previews.

Most of these big sites don't really have a choice.
xPhearR3dx  +   1225d ago
It's not so much that, but rather the developer is in full control of what is being shown during previews. Prototype 2 probably has some kick ass moments and to build hype for the game, those moments were shown on purpose. There's been a few games I've personally previewed that were awesome, but the full game ended up being rather meh.
Forbidden_Darkness  +   1225d ago
Since when has a '7' become mediocre?
Super_ike  +   1225d ago
since game review sites started throwing 9's and 10's around to every game this gen.
NukaCola  +   1225d ago
Metacritic says 7 is yellow or mediocre in the review scheme. Odd because Movies, Tv, books and music can go down to 60% or maybe lower before they look less than perfect. People are getting lost in numbers ans scores. 7 isn't bad at all, but its hard to convince people these days to just enjoy games without influence by other nerds whose opinions don't even matter.
NukaCola  +   1225d ago
Metacritic says 7 is yellow or mediocre in the review scheme. Odd because Movies, Tv, books and music can go down to 60% or maybe lower before they look less than perfect. People are getting lost in numbers and scores. 7 isn't bad at all, but its hard to convince people these days to just enjoy games without influence by other nerds whose opinions don't even matter.
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Saladfax  +   1225d ago
The industry has been running on a 7-10 rating scale for years now.

How's the weather in your cave on Neptune?
time2die  +   1225d ago
You may well have a point mate but that don't help us people that get hyped about a certain game.

I have been stung a few times when ign have said that a certain game is looking so awesome only to get a review that did not match the previews from ign.

Sometimes its even to late to cancel pre/orders as reviews appear quite late like this one with review embargo.I am a little bit dubious now and reviews are slow coming through then i usually skip pre/orders having learnt a valuable lesson.
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Pintheshadows  +   1225d ago
It sounds like it suffers from the same issues as the first one. The lockon was truly awful and the missions were dull and unimaginative, however the freeroam aspect was tons of fun.
Sevir  +   1225d ago
Still living under infamous's shadow!
The previews of the bigger moments and the CGI trailers released were bomb, they really looked great. But I guess the full experience is marred yet again by the poor development decisions. Poor camera, repetitive missions, crappy animations, and less than adequate graphics and a non relatable character. Once again this game fails to be a gem. And it seems the very same issues that plagued the first game is present in this installment. I'll pass.
MySwordIsHeavenly  +   1225d ago
Most games are living under inFamous's shadow...

I just wish sales of inFamous 2 would reflect that. :/
basilezz3030  +   1225d ago
well it's infamous after all
infamous 2 is one of the two best superhero games
i have played this gen
along with batman AC
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cone   1224d ago | Spam
Moebius69  +   1225d ago
Good score but i think i'll hold off on buying it till it's cheaper.
SageHonor  +   1225d ago
Didnt like the first one. I'm sure i wouldnt like this one as well.
RioKing  +   1224d ago
then GTFO >8^0
sublIME2s  +   1225d ago
I'm enjoying it. Finished in Hard difficulty and got almost every achievement. Only 1 missing, "All grown up" Heller is one badass dude. Way better than the first one... side missions aren't repetitive as the first one. The powers, skills and mutations are great. It deserves an 8 imo. Just my two cents though.

Hope activision support Radical entertainment now. And hopefully some DLC
BattleTorn  +   1225d ago
I honestly don't know why they get Greg Miller to review games that go against he, obvious, playstation bias.

Of course, he is going to give a bad score to a game that is in direct competition to inFamous.

Are inFamous and Prototype exactly the same? of course not.

But they are definite each others' competition.
Brownghost  +   1224d ago
Everyone in YouTube and ign hates him
cone   1224d ago | Spam
InTheLab  +   1225d ago
Anyone surprised an Activision game used old recycled bits from the previous game that are actually recycled from an older (better) game?

I couldn't bring myself to finish the first Prototype. Gonna pass on this one as well.


That might be the dumbest thing I've ever read in my life....today. I suppose Greg Miller also bashed Dante's Inferno because it's (going by your logic) in direct competition with God of War....

Did it ever occur to you that maybe Prototype 2 is just as average as it's score?
Bimkoblerutso  +   1225d ago
Not that I think Battle Torn's comment is any less ridiculous, but the game is actually getting pretty respectable scores from just about everywhere else.

I think it would be more accurate to say:

"Did it ever occur to you that maybe people will enjoy Prototype 2 to varying degrees?"
InTheLab  +   1225d ago
That makes perfect sense but I was going for a more "older gamer scolding (presumably) younger gamer" kind of tone.
Ravenous_Syn  +   1225d ago
inFAMOUS for story.
[Prototype] for action.

Haven't played [Prototype 2] yet to see if the story improved from the first.
-MD-  +   1225d ago
Infamous has an awful story though. I was facepalming the entire way through Infamous 2.
Ravenous_Syn  +   1225d ago
To each his own.
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gtxgamer2  +   1225d ago
this is fun
Raoh  +   1225d ago
When infamous and prototype were first announced many xbox fanboys wanted it to be a war. They were two different games though.

At the end it blew up in everyones faces as infamous won the battle and THEN everyone noticed that they were two different games.

This time around.. Why are people still making the comparison?

Its like when they compared alan wake to heavy rain, people couldn't have been more wrong, same with la noire and heavy rain, outside of narrative strengths just no.

people stop trying to make every game go against a sony game.
Brownghost  +   1224d ago
IMO infamous was great but prototype was way more fun
Raoh  +   1224d ago
Meh, I was just throwing powers around with a pretty awful story in prototype.

The game just felt like a button masher but with a playground to beat up on.

It was fun when we did it with the Hulk game on the ps2 but now its just bland and stale to just spam powers.
Angels3785  +   1225d ago
When I saw the first trailer it said it was supose to have 2013 release date....looks like they rushed it out a bit...ill try and find the trailer to double check.
Psychotica  +   1224d ago
Picking it up at noon today. I played countless hours with the first one so I know I will like this.

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