The Digital Bits: Paramount and Universal are going Blu

Formatwarcentral reports, Bill Hunt of The Digital Bits states that "Paramount and Universal are going Blu, but sorting out all the legal details and organizing the logistics takes time".

Citing his sources which are "second to none", Bill notes that Universal may not announce until February due to contractual obligations that end in January.

For Paramount he states that they will want to have a couple of titles to announce, which also takes time.

It also mentions the pressure from retailers to move to a unified format, a factor that I also believe will be key in the upcoming months.

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HarryEtTubMan3996d ago (Edited 3996d ago )

Dude PS3 is going to EXPLODE in the coming years and even this year.

I have advice.. if u dont like it dont enter the article... or get a PS3 I guess... this news does relate to the PS3 very much considering it's in every console.

TriggerHappy3996d ago

This is really getting annoying now. If they are going to do it, they should just get it over with. It will be big but it wont be as big as warner going blu-ray exclusive.

On a side note, can we stop with these format news ? Blu-ray has won it and we are all happy. Can the news posting be resumed ? Thanks.

Cyrus3653996d ago

They just can't come out and do it, without consulting their legal teams and stuff. They've got contracts, they can't just up and break them. Appearently Universal contract ends in Jan. So I guess they can make an announcment Come Feb were gonna switch. But there probably evaluating a few things, maybe Toshiba offered them a boat load of money to stay, etc.

sonarus3996d ago

toshiba will probably be going hd-dvd exclusive soon as well lol

TriggerHappy3996d ago

Toshiba will end up helping Sony prodouce blu-ray's if the remaining studios ditch them for Blu-ray side.

marinelife93996d ago

Universal and Paramount have to be looking at how bad HD-DVD sales are going to be this year with so many adopters probably going Blu-Ray. The US numbers alone will easily go to 3:1 or 4:1.

Ken Graffeo for Universal should be fired.

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Cyrus3653996d ago

First the HBO going Blu, although this more speculation, appearently these guys sources are good, that this is going to happen soon.

Universal In Feb, and Paramount down the road.

whoelse3996d ago

What a great end to the day! :)

Maddens Raiders3996d ago (Edited 3996d ago )

Forget Obama, McCain, and Hillary!!!

Kutaragi for President. He's a freakin' genius! lol

edit/ Imagine all the wacky perks if he really were: Free PS2's for everyone and free Sixaxis sauce (for your party buffalo wings) to boot! LOL

TriggerHappy3996d ago

Yesterdays race was very interesting on the democrats side..wouldn't you say so too ? :)

I though Obama was going to really beat Hilary.

Maddens Raiders3996d ago (Edited 3996d ago )

as we type. Chris Matthews is really digging into the thoughts and minds of New Hampshirites to see what the Hell happened with exit polling yesterday. There's still a long way to go, but I haven't been this excited about Presidential politics in my life. It's time for a BIG change in America. A change for the (((better))) to get America's standing back in the world and make more friends than enemies. I must say that I like candidates on both sides of aisle at this point. There are some really good candidates out there, but Obama is the most intriguing of all right now. imho.

We shall see who is ready to lead this Nation into the next "great Age", especially with Putin yesterday (((oddly enough))) announcing that Russia will put the first man on Mars by 2025. Coincidence?

TriggerHappy3996d ago

Yeah that is true. America could definitely use the change and like Obama said, "Yes We Can" make a better America. I have never been this excited about politics in my life. Yesterday's race was just so so interesting. Wish them all good on the upcoming ones.

roybatty3996d ago

I hope you guys are right about the election. I really do.
But you know as well as I do that Religious right redneck middle america will never vote in a woman or a brother. Sad but true.
We may may not be in that demographic but a huge block of the vote sadly is.

EZCheez3996d ago

And yes, last night's results were about as dramatic as the last House and Congress elections.

I don't have anything against Obama, but I can't imagine the kind of results you could get with Bill as the first husband. That and I don't really know anything Obama has ever actually "changed." At least Hillary fought for universal health care when she was first lady. I think we'll be a lot closer to that goal if she becomes president.

All in all though, I just want either one of them rather than any GOP member.

On Topic- I can't wait until everyone goes blu so everthing starts to get cheaper.

killax35633996d ago

Sorry but Obama and Hillary have 0% chance of becoming president (the country isn't ready to elect an African-American president and too many people, esp in the south, HATE Hillary).

They (Obama or Hillary) may win the Democratic nomination but no more than that. If either one of them is the Democratic nominee the Republican nominee is going to win the presidency, I can guarentee that (even if the Republican nominee is a nut-job like Guiliani).

If Obama or Hillary's the Democratic nominee than I will literally put $1000 on the Republican to win the presidency (through a sportsbook or something).

EZCheez3996d ago

And the entire reason I do is because of Iraq. Everyone running for president says they will bring the troops home, but everyone associates the troops still over there with Bush, and everyone associates Bush with the GOP.

One thing I do know for sure is that democrats have the military vote. You can't imagine the sickness you get when your told that you will be sent to Iraq in less than 2 months. And that doesn't just affect the military vote. It affects the families of those that serve, and it adds up. Case in point being the last House and Congress election.

Mark my words. Our next president will either be black or a woman, and I for one welcome anything other than the imbecile that is in office right now.

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nevelo073996d ago

they need to both of them what would be the point of just sittin there with hd-dvd, when they can be with the winning format

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