How Lack of Competitive Analysis, Nintendo Caused Blu-Ray's Victory

Rob Enderle on January 9, 2008 at 3:22 pm:

"As we exited 2007, there was no definitive leader in the fight for the next high-definition optical standard. The HD-DVD camp had sold a lot of players, but they were offset by PlayStation 3 sales, which ramped strongly through the quarter. Blu-Ray maintained its slight lead in media sales, but total sales were still a fraction of potential."

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Gaara_7243994d ago (Edited 3994d ago )

this didnt say nothin about the wii(if i did i missed it.)

TwissT3994d ago

Its about Nintendo acctually =D.

CeruleanSky3994d ago

Rob Enderle???

google Rob Enderle Microsoft shill

if you for some reason don't know who this prick is.

PS360WII3994d ago (Edited 3994d ago )

Ummm yea this guy sounds like he knows a thing or two... but his title and what is written are not the same. He mentions Nintendo but doesn't really explain his thought on why or even how Nintendo caused Blu-Ray's victory at all.

Dlacy13g3994d ago

see my response to Marceles below...he does discuss the Nintendo factor in the article.

PS360WII3994d ago

ah there we go... yea he didn't say it that way. Bubbles for interpreting his bad writing

Marceles3994d ago

"Toshiba needed to cripple PS3 sales, and the weapons were the Xbox 360, which had an HD-DVD option selling in comparatively low volumes, and the Nintendo Wii, which had dominated the market since launch."

To me it sounds like he's blaming Nintendo for not adding HD-DVDs to Wiis instead of 360s, which sounds retarded. Nintendo has always kept away from the format war...that's not where they are with their business. This guy should see they're going after a different market...HD-DVD would've just made the price higher and messed up their whole business plan

Dlacy13g3994d ago

Read the article again...and you will see he is talking about Toshibas partnership with Nintendo on manufacturing the Wii...and how if Toshiba had played smart they would have stepped up the manufacturing of the Wii and ensure Nintendo didnt have the shortages that they did in order to continue to cripple PS3 (blu ray player) sales. Had more Wii's been available the thought is the PS3 would have continued to take hits on its sales in Japan and well Worldwide.

Its the looking outside the box kind of strategy.

He also made a really good point about the HD-DVD player costs. Once they started to pump them out at the cheap cost...they should have bitten teh bullet and kept them their through the holidays. Totally stupid to offer for $99 and then kick the price back up to $200. People just sat back and were waiting for the next sale. Why would you pay an extra $100 for a player that you assumed would go back on sale for $99 at some point and honestly wasnt a must have buy...certainly DVD's still work fine.

I also agreed with the 360 add-on. Should have been $100 from the get go...would have sold like crazy! Sure they would have taken a hit...but it would have worked...and when you consider where they are now...well just look at where they are now and I am sure they are wishing they had done things differently.

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The story is too old to be commented.