I Wanna Be The Guy: The Hardest Game You'll Ever Play

Prepare to have your head asploded. I Wanna Be The Guy is a game like nothing you've ever played before. The game follows the quest of The Kid as he tries to become The Guy.

He battles through insane modded levels from Mega Man, Zelda, Metroid, Ghosts N Goblins to many more. The boss fights are something else too. From Dracula, Mecha Birdo, Giant Mike Tyson, Bowser/Wart/Dr. Wily Clown Car combo to a giant green Zangief/Kraid hybrid that shoots Hadoukens out of his mouth and Blankas out of his crotch are among some of the epic boss fights.

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Bonsai12143817d ago

haha. i love things like this. it makes me want to kill myself...

try playing this:

its even worse.

Xemnas3817d ago

Dude i cant even pass the frist thing lol

Jdash243817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )

dude is there even a way to jump? and wth is with that cat/bear/something?

found out how to jump and the hell do you get past that cat bear thing? he keeps punching my shots back

Skerj3817d ago

The rabbit cat bear thing in the next screen kept punching all of my shots away sooooo I stopped. I'll figure it out tomorrow at work.

xplosneer3817d ago

I beat the bear thing and kept walking....after you beat it if you keep walking you fall off a cliff and die :(

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Skerj3817d ago

That is one of the most epic games I've ever seen, I wanna be the f'n Guy too!!

Xemnas3817d ago

All i can say is wow thats crazy,

Xemnas3817d ago

Lol you have to fake out the frist spike thing then jump over it when its going down and watch out for the other spike thing at the end it will drop down from the sky x_X

xplosneer3817d ago

Got past the first one was like yay! Then i died...

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