Peter Molyneux: "The greatest game I've ever made is still ahead of me"

Industry legend Peter Molyneux departed Microsoft last month for a new outfit, 22 Cans. Here, he tells MCV why he left the platform holder, his thoughts on the future of games and his latest bid to change the world

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basilezz30301736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )


dark-hollow1735d ago

just put your money where your mouth is.

GribbleGrunger1735d ago

i trust him, he's not one for hyperbole...

wenaldy1736d ago


Molyneux, just make Populous for PC/360/PS3 please, less talk do more.

Fairchild Channel F1736d ago

Frankly, I think Populous WAS his greatest game. Nothing in his body of work since then, in my opinion, leads me to believe he'll ever surpass it.

Jafooli1736d ago

Sounds like something Peter Molydeux would say.

PixL1736d ago

Big boy but still a boy.

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The story is too old to be commented.