Star Wars in Soul Calibur IV

1UP reports: Soul Calibur and Star Wars fans gather 'round -- while haters grab a six pack of Haterade and their always-ready flamethrowers -- because Namco Bandai has finally released new info on the rumored secret characters set to appear in their highly-anticipated fighter, Soul Calibur IV, and 1UP has 'em first. In case you don't believe your eyes as they scan over these screenshots, you are indeed seeing the legendary purveyor of the Dark Side, Darth Vader, and his Force-wielding nemesis, Yoda.

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Violater3932d ago (Edited 3932d ago )

My sword fetish shall prevail as this is a day one buy for me.
Screw that Day -1 someone is breaking the street date on this one for sure.

"Yes Taki Yoda's b!tch you are"

Kulupoo3932d ago

Wow... I was thinking about renting this game when it came out... now I am def buying it...

TriggerHappy3932d ago

PS3 version gets Darth Vader and Xbox 360 version gets Yoda. This has been confirmed.

That kinda sucks, I was hoping every version would contain both characters in the game.

sonarus3932d ago

haha soul calbur jst went from a maybe purchase to a confirmed purchase. Didnt want to have to fighting games but now looks like its tekken and soul calibur

Darkiewonder3932d ago

If they can get Star Wars Character in there, I wonder what other crazy ass stuff they may put in there later!

Appo3932d ago

Alright, I've fixed the bad editing.(For some reason it wouldn't add the game.)

Anyways, it looks weird, but I've always loved the series!

MK_Red3932d ago

ZOMGSDSADAF, The force is with Soul Calibur 4! I'm gonna kill to play as lord Vader. Awesome find and screens.

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The story is too old to be commented.