Borderlands 2 isn't a "wimpy sequel", around 40-60 hours long in total

Borderlands 2 is big, comrades. Not Skyrim-big or even Amalur-big, but sizeable enough to fill a weekend and still have room for a couple of sick days.

"The last one was giant," Gearbox's vice-president of marketing Steve Gibson told Digital Spy earlier this month. "This one is more gianter. If you do core missions, ignoring side missions, you could probably plough through it in 20 to 30 hours in one playthrough. If you do side missions, you're looking to get close to doubling that.

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AtomicGerbil2034d ago

Can't wait, and I hope they keep the DLC as before. If anything the first Borderlands was a clear lesson in doing DLC right.

TheModernKamikaze2034d ago

Also hope the DLC will be worth it like the first one.

NukaCola2034d ago

Has it been confirmed or not if you can transfer your character or your saved data over? I personally think that would be cool. Even if you got all new characters it would be cool to bring your gear over at least. I loved everything about Borderlands except the ending story was flat. But it was an amazing game and I cannot wait to get the sequel. Totally hardcore FPSRPG action with a phenomenal co-op system and great...well everything.

AtomicGerbil2034d ago (Edited 2034d ago )

As far as I can tell the original characters are in it as NPCs only.

LAWSON722034d ago

I believe they check your hard drive for borderlands 1 if you have played it you get a loyalty skin for your character which changes the appearance of your character

RedSoakedSponge2030d ago

im sure the DLC will be awesome. and i doubt they will do the underdome style dlc again since loads of people moaned about that lol

Kran2034d ago

40-60 hours to the average gamer...

100-140 hours to me. lol

(i tend to take double the time to complete a game like this)

Rhythmattic2034d ago

Im with ya....
No need to race through... I love strolling of the beaten path to look for those little discoveries...

Laxman2034d ago

I concur.

I hate how some people act like the quicker they beat a game the better. I love getting my monies worth.

2034d ago
Pinkamena_Diane_Pie2034d ago

So, here's the formula. Playthrough x 3 + Farming x 4 Classes = ?

Psychotica2034d ago

Nice to know they are giving us good value for our money, can't wait.

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