Everything You Wanted to Know About Blu-Ray-to-PSP Movie Transfers

Gizmodo writes, "When we heard about Blu-ray-to-PSP movie transfers getting all official we got pretty excited, even though the announcement was a little skimpy on the details: How big are the files? How long will it take to download a movie? How odious is the DRM?"

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Lord Anubis3996d ago

i hope that same gig of movie can be shared in a network. Stream the movie through a network.

SWORDF1SH3996d ago

thats pretty good. another real good feature added to the psp. and 1g per film and 3 to 5 mins to transfer it on is very good too. it gives me more of a reason to buy blu ray films

TheTwelve3996d ago

3-5 minutes to download a whole movie? Did I read that correctly? (Sipping a Martini right now so I might be a bit blurry). If that's true, how convenient.


Skerj3996d ago

Damn I want a martini too, to the Pravda (Best vodka in the freaking universe)!! Back on topic, that is pretty fast. On the DRM end I'm guessing they'll utilize the same registering features that are in place with the PSP/PS3 coupled with a hybrid system from the PC-> PSP PS Store.

OldGamer3996d ago (Edited 3996d ago )

the picture in the article shows a scene from Revenge of the Sith on the PSP screen?
There are no SW movies on Blu-Ray or UMD.
Makes me a bit curious...
God i'm a geek.

akaFullMetal3996d ago

a gig might be a little to much but if it looks better than umd i guess it isnt so bad, guess i have to upgrade to a 4 or 8 gig stick

DJ3996d ago

But it looks like I may need to get that 8 or 16GB one. This is gonna be sweet!

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