Top 3 Things the Wii Needs to Survive

While the Nintendo Wii experienced tremendous early success with its innovative gameplay and family friendly titles, it is yet to be seen if the console can stand up to the test of time. Here are 3 things the Wii needs to do to survive the lifecycle

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wiizy3994d ago

are you kidding me.? dont you mean what that garbage ps3 or xbox 360 need to do to survive. this year the wii will kill the competition even more...

Wardy3993d ago

I love the Wii so please don't flame me for this.

Personally I don't think the 360 needs to do anything, at least not that much for improvement, they are completely successful in what they have done and are doing.
PS3 will undoubtedly succeed, this is the year of the PS3.

Unless the Wii can keep up and produce some good consistent quality games and add some features that the public are screaming for the 360 and PS3 are all going to surpass the Wii.

Zhuk3994d ago

I think people will be pleasantly surprised at how far they will be able to push the Wii's hardware, especially Nintendo's 1st party studios

v1c1ous3994d ago

3rd parties need love too.

but only 360/ps3 are paying the bills unless you crap put a mini-game type wii game.

jeepndave3994d ago

so far i have not seen the wii games push that far beyond what the gamecube was capable of. Compare the Metroids..... not that different. Mario again great game but not that big of a leap from sunshine. I love my wii and will be playing it for years to come..... but for the truly advanced gaming experience i will stick with my ps3.

ElfShotTheFood3994d ago

Step One should be getting adequate supplies of them onto store shelves.

RecSpec3994d ago

Animal Crossing

There are still a lot of people that play this on the DS, imagine it with better graphics, even more items, better online, and more people playing it.

sephy 9 2 53994d ago

I'm confused as to what people are going to buy for the Wii in the upcoming months. On one hand Wii Play/Wiifit is selling great, then on the other hand games like SMG/Zack&Wiki are underperforming. Makes me wonder if Smash is going to crush the competition like I thought a year ago...

forum_crawler3993d ago

Since when is selling 4+ million copies of a game "underperforming?"

Google SMG sales and erase this fanboy induced notion that SMG isn't selling...

bym051d3994d ago

Are the first 9 items "good games from 3rd parties?"

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