IGN: Risen 2: Dark Waters Review

Known for crafting vast, detailed virtual worlds, developer Piranha Bytes has been making single-player open-world role-playing games for over a decade. Its Gothic series presented colossal explorable spaces and offered hardly any direction, challenging you to define your own journey through the world.

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Whitefeather2004d ago

I'm still thinking about getting this when it's released for PS3. If anyone gets the PC version do you mind posting your thoughts if it's worth buying since it looks like fun.

reynod2004d ago

The last one had very poor performance on consoles. I would be careful getting a Piranha Bytes game on console.

I personally played Risen 1 on the PC and enjoyed it. Though the final boss battle was a disappointment, otherwise it was a fine game. Ill definetly be looking to buy this on the PC.

m-s-8-22004d ago

I had Risen on PC and Xbox, never really played the pc version (just a personal preference towards consoles.) The Xbox version was still very playable and enjoyable in spite of any poor performance compared to the PC version.

Whitefeather2004d ago

I only play on PS3 so that's my only option but I'm not one to count pixels or frame rates. Here's a lil fun fact about me: I was able to platinum Skyrim in "slide show" mode LOL. So I can endure frame rate problems if there are some fun gems somewhere within it.

MAJ0R2004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )

Risen 1 was a fairly poor port compared to the PC but no where near as bad as other game ports *cough* Gothic 4 *cough*

And if you could endure Skyrim on PS3... you can endure anything.

NYC_Gamer2003d ago (Edited 2003d ago )

I could tell all of this from the released gameplay videos....the game just looks awful and will need the mod community asap..

Ugly characters
Ugly combat
Bad voice acting/out of sync