Xbox 360 Backward Compatibility Updates "Winding Down"

Kotaku, Jan 9 2008, By Michael McWhertor:

The most recent update to the list of original Xbox games that are playable on the Xbox 360, bringing the total to 465 last gen titles, could very well be the last, according to Albert Penello, group marketing manager for the Xbox 360.

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zonetrooper53990d ago

Xbox Orignals is one of the factors to this decision tbh.

ReBurn3989d ago

Yep. Why let people play for free what you can charge them for again, right?

JasonPC360PS3Wii3989d ago

People already have to go to gaming shops to buy used copies of these games everytime they update the list. Whats the differance? you pay ether way you look at it.

RacingX3989d ago

They are charging you upwards of $15 for a game to lease, remember if you get a new 360 or a fixed one with a different serial# you won't be able to play it without being connected to Xbox live, you can just go to Gamestop and get those games like new and complete for $6 - $9 and play them whenever and not worry about being connected.....M$ just sucking more $$$ from their loyal masses.....

Adamalicious3989d ago

I'm not sure about that. Either way (disc or download) the original game code is being used via emulation - at least right now. So the same bugs exist in Psychonauts whether you play off the disc or the Xbox Originals download.

If they start releasing Xbox Originals that you CAN'T play off the disc then they must be intentionally blocking them from working off the disc or modifying the original source so that it can run on the 360 without emulation. Doing the latter would require the original developer to either modify the game or allow Microsoft to - neither of which seems likely to be desirable or profitable.

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TheTwelve3990d ago

"Penello noted that, outside of Halo 2, internal data points to low numbers of backward compatible games being played on Live, with BC updates "not being downloaded that much anymore.""



WilliamRLBaker3990d ago

gamespot reports 1166 entries in the xbox area of its site, this includes never released...multiple entries which there is on a lil less or over half of the xbox titles released are BC all of the best and most loved titles are certainly xbox compatible, and it says could very well, so maybe microsoft will have its BC group work on a big update as its last update.

rbanke3990d ago

Backwards compatability in consoles is a strange thing. Most people want it, few people use it. I was glad my 60 gb ps3 has it, however ive only played 1 ps2 game on it since i bought it (gta san andreas, once). However even now, knowing i really dont use backwards compatability, i still want it to be there. I'm sure its basically the same deal on the 360 side. Like i said, its a strange thing...

jaja14343990d ago

Fair enough, but it's nice to know that if you wanted to play most of the Final Fantasy games, you can. That is without having to dig out your PS2.

Panthers3989d ago

you can still play MOST FF games on the PS3, because most are PS1 games. Every PS3 can play PS1 games, just not PS2. FF10 and 11 would be an issue and that is it.

Tut3989d ago

I am one of those few. I am playing through the Shadow Hearts series and just went and bought Kingdom Hearts 2 since I have never played it. While I was there I saw a few more PS2 games I will end up buying.

So now I have Folklore, Uncharted, Shadow Hearts 3, and Kingdom Hearts 2 games started and incomplete. Though, with Uncharted I will be playing through it a few times to master difficulties and get the achievements. Sadly I have no time to game anymore. =(

SKUD3990d ago

Now that ESPN NFL 2K5 works they can call it a day.

HeavyweightInTheGame3990d ago

That is one of my most anticipated BC games I wanted on 360.

LeonSKennedy4Life3989d ago

Me too!


haha...sorry...had to do it.

You were waiting for a 2005 SPORTS game? Are you crazy?

HeavyweightInTheGame3989d ago (Edited 3989d ago )

Have you ever played any 2K football game? 2K5 was the best (and last one) before that $hitty APF game came out. Who gives a fvck if it's old? I'd rather play it than any of the Madden series. Or are you just jealous that your 40gb PS3 can't handle BC for this game? Lol j/k man. Seriously just a joke. Personal opinion, I thought it was one of the best football games I've ever played.

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