BD+ has not been compromised, yet

According to Engagdet, that despite SlySoft announcing that BD+ was compromised, and promising an update to its AnyDVD HD software, -- which enables you to rip a Blu-ray discs -- here we are a few months later and the latest is that SlySoft recommends that you buy HD DVD.

But with Warner recently going blu, a question at the Blu-ray press conference was "did BD+ have anything to do with their decision?" And while Warner's answer was "no", afterwards it was brought to our attention by a Fox employee that BD+ has not been compromised.

But, if that's true, then where do these HD Fox titles distributed via illegal means come from? The situation is actually hilariously ironic, as in love with BD+ that Fox seems to be, high quality transfers of their movies still make it onto the internet because of the European releases of HD DVD -- not distributed by Fox and thus not Blu-ray exclusive -- are only protected with AACS.

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Cyrus3653968d ago

Interesting that BD+ hasn't be hacked yet, I'm sure it will be. But the word about it's demise has obviously been false so far.

3968d ago
gamesR4fun3968d ago

these guys are full of bs not only is it cracked but they know it...
guess they'll pretend otherwise to sell the studios..

InYourMom3968d ago

What a load of BS. Their hasn't been a Blu-ray movie yet that hasn't shown up for download on the net. And they are from a BR source, not HD-DVD.

demolitionX3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

i doubt BD+ will be TOTALLY cracked! someone really needs to know every detail of the VM and build a new one that when it runs the program it gets back a fake value to the VM.
If there is a crack, the crack will be so costly in terms of time/effort/money that it is not feasible to the vast majority of people would engage in piracy, cause they have to build a fake VM every time the BD+ changes the code.

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