HBO Confirms Switch to Blu-ray Exclusivity

Highdefdigest reports, HBO Home Video has fallen in line with parent Warner, confirming that it too will drop HD DVD support in favor of Blu-ray.

HBO Home Video president Henry McGee told the Hollywood Reporter today that the company will be "following the same policy as Warner Home Video" and will no longer release titles on HD DVD.

McGee offered no further details on the HBO Video's plans to transition to sole Blu-ray support, or the fate of its current HD DVD releases, which include two box set releases of the top-selling 'The Sopranos.'

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MaximusPrime3992d ago

another blow to HDDVD. cmon Paramount and Universal join the Bluray crowd

fenderputty3992d ago

Seems like this warner move is snowballing, picking up other companies on the way to the great big blu.

TheTwelve3992d ago




Merovee3992d ago

One of them can't switch yet.... they're under paid contract for a few more months lol.

Cyrus3653992d ago

They are all falling in line. I think in the coming weeks, you'll hear something out of Universal.

Arkham3992d ago

This is not representative of other companies falling in line with Warner.

Sure, I expect Universal (and eventually Paramount) to follow suit, HBO is under the Warner umbrella and has not surprised anyone with this announcement.

Warner's defection reasonably guaranteed that its subsidiaries/fellow companies would also go Blu-ray. Same with New Line.

Bill Gates3992d ago

Keep em' coming HD-DVD. Let a REAL HD Format handle the HD videos......AAHAHhAHAHHAHHA

UnblessedSoul3992d ago

Apparently Universal will be blu within the next month

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The story is too old to be commented.