CVG - God of War Ascension: What We Want To See

CVG - Kratos, the angriest man in all of ancient Greece, is back for yet another violence-filled revenge fest with God of War Ascension.

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guacman882190d ago (Edited 2190d ago )

Kratos already had superhuman strenth before he had the blades he is zeus's son afterall he just made a blood oath with ares when he was about to die and the guy who was about to kill him was pretty strong. if any of u guyss remember fighting him in gow 1 or 2 i cant remember. man these articles make me mad. it seems like people know nothing about gow and for people who keep saying he killed people for no reason in gow 3 he only killed one person on gow 3 for no reason and that was the guy on a ledge who head he smash into the wall when the guy just wanted to escape the burning building everyone else deserved it oh the guy with the bow.but yeah sorry for long post and spelling but man theses articles i swear if you played the game and thought he killed people for no reason than u didnt understand what was happening in the story and just ran through the game thats is a fact .